FAQ Page

The LDC is made up of the following members:

  • Vincent J. Gilroy, Jr. — President
  • Philip Sbarra — Vice President
  • Evon M. Ervin — Treasurer
  • Louis Parrotta— Secretary
  • Alicia Dicks
  • Jack LoMedico
  • Robert R. Calli
  • Joseph N. Betrus, Jr. — ex-officio/voting
  • Brian Thomas — ex-officio/voting
  • Richard Fox — ex-officio/non-voting
  • Steve DiMeo — ex-officio/non-voting
  • William Morehouse — ex-officio/non-voting

The Utica Master Plan is a blueprint for growth and development in the city. The goals and data within the plan are based on focus groups, meetings, and research to reveal what the city needs to thrive.

The plan focuses on five target areas:

  • Housing and Neighborhood Development
  • Downtown Development
  • Parks, Recreation, Arts/Culture and Historic Preservation
  • Business and Technology Development
  • Infrastructure and Waterfront Development

For more information, visit www.uticamasterplan.org.

Utica’s BOA Study is part of the City’s Central Industrial Corridor ReVITALization Plan. The city was awarded a grant to complete the study of more than 50 potential brownfield sites located along the old Erie Canal and main railroad corridor in Utica. The primary goal of the BOA program and preparing a revitalization strategy is to eliminate or reduce impediments to reuse/develop these brownfield sites.

The Local Waterfront Access Plan is “an effort to establish a coordinated framework for public access and circulation along the Mohawk River and Erie Canal, and will be used by the City of Utica to develop waterfront access improvements that will complement land-use investments made within its boundary.” The plan provides a variety of access and circulation improvements for pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles, and includes recommended projects and actions along with potential partnering and funding opportunities.

As the project progresses, land around the Harbor owned by National Grid will be revitalized. Currently, the company is involved in a $100 million cleanup of the land, which involves soil removal and sediment dredging. For more information on this project, visit http://harborpointsite.com.