This list was also compiled under the assumption that you’re a hobbyist, not a pro; that you’re interested in enjoying your leisure time more than you are with improving your accuracy. Senior citizen friendly You’ve worked hard your entire life and now it’s time to enjoy yourself. Have only used them a few times, but already notice how easy they are to hit. Low/Back CG A low center of gravity--the importance of this cannot be stressed. Hybrids, in general, are light-weight, and purposely so. OK….today is going to be a good one golfspies! And to add to this, it’s also light--lighter than comparable woods--so you can swing it faster and go farther. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. One of the reasons people–specifically novices–have trouble hitting iron clubs is because of their weight. This particular hybrid is perfect for those who are between 5’9 and 6’0. But overall, it’s an excellent hybrid, and if you don’t mind spending the extra few books, very worth it. If you really have a problem hitting, you need to get yourself one of the Tight Lies Hybrid Clubs by Adams Golf. I'm 63 years old, and have always had trouble making solid contact with my irons. Adjustable Just like the hybrid golf club above it on this list, this one too offers an adjustable head. Absolutely not. Standard club lengths are for people who fall within average height ranges. You see it in your mind, the perfect swing, the perfect hit, the golf ball is in the air, traveling, traveling--and then someone from behind just has to make a comment about the weather. The verdict? The offset design helps golfer to square the iron at impact that improves shotmaking. The rating is based on the average rating (1-100) from all the criteria in which we rated this product. Integra Golf Club Reviews. Product: Integra i-Win Single Length Golf Irons, Custom Built, Must buy at least 6 Irons, New! Tour Edge Irons Reviews. Suggested Searches: trident integra golf clubs irons golf clubs set golf clubs set golf clubs used golf clubs golf clubs sale cobra golf clubs ladies golf clubs ping golf clubs cleveland golf clubs golf clubs sets ladis golf clubs long golf clubs golf clubs rh men’s golf clubs. Integra prides itself on designing the most technically advanced clubs in golf. If you’re having trouble with your long game and looking to add more to your drive, then this hybrid from TaylorMade is an absolutely essential addition to your arsenal. I could give more stars, but only five available. Drivers are available in both normal shape and square-head, and most are made from beta-titanium. Now that’s a win-win if there ever was one. Advantages: all irons swing like a 7 iron. When this happens, it could really mess up your hit. That means, essentially, that it’s harder to get the ball in the air. But you still want something of quality, something that works for you. That’s what’s known as a convenience. This hybrid is also extremely forgiving, which makes it extremely enjoyable to play with. We are the premier online suppliers of golf club components, including iron heads, driver heads, shafts, grips, clubmaking supplies and other parts for sale. Ever since the late 80’s and their gain in popularity and pro shop owners not happy with their profit margins on name brand clubs began selling clone golf clubs…golfers have al… That totally depends on you. Acer XDS Hybrid Iron Components Our Price: $24.95 each Original Design Hybrid Irons. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Designed similar to hybrid's witha wide sole, the new Hybrid Irons will help you get back the confidenceyou need in your irons. Distance may be a little shorter than long irons, Eight different combinations of loft and lie angles, Doesn’t come with written instructions on how to adjust the head, Best Golf Putters Reviewed and Rated for Quality and Performance, Best Golf Irons Reviewed & Rated for Quality and Performance, Best Fairway Woods Reviewed & Rated for Quality, Best Hybrid Golf Clubs and Fairway Metals for 2019 | Launch them high and land them soft, Which is Really Better? Show product information from the vendor . Most of the products on this list, however, come in various configurations, so you can pick and choose based on your specific needs. There are three different configurations to choose from 19 degrees, 22 degrees, and 25 degrees. This hybrid is built for enjoyment, and as a tool to help you master form before moving on to more difficult to hit clubs. Disadvantages: none A few words about Trident Align Trident Align has been designed by PGA Professional Enda McLoughlin. Since 2015, single length irons have been rapidly gaining popularity among amateur golfers across the United States. It’s not cheap--no quality golf clubs are cheap--but it’s well worth the price if the quality of your game is at all important to you. Especially the more popular name brands–the ones that are supposed to denote “quality”. Do your due diligence and take your time selecting the right hybrid for you and your own unique style. All of the Integra i-Win heads are weighted the same weight and have the same lie angle of a #7 iron throughout the set. A great iron for mid to high handicappers. Golfing with the wrong set of golf clubs is like trying to play baseball with a twig or with a tree trunk. Pinemeadow Golf is a company that caters especially to you. It should be spent well. If you’re worried about storage, stop doing so now. At the same time, the CG position is lower centered, which allows for easier performance at the same time that increases accuracy. I made a set these irons. Another great hybrid club from Adams Golf. In this case, its structure--a deeper body along with a longer blade length--is so to aid in hitting from various lies on or even off the fairway. Almost gone. If you know anything about golf, you know how much it impacts not just the feel of the club, but your performance too. They’re also easier on the hands and extremities–so if you have any sort of chronic condition that affects those areas, be sure to choose them. Larger impact area Again, you might have a tendency to miss the ball completely. I really like these irons. After playing with this hybrid from Integra, you’ll get your form down in no time, without having spent a fortune to do it. It’s ineffective to the point of being useless–it isn’t even fun anymore after a certain point! OptiFit Adjustability One of this club’s special features is its adjustability. With this hybrid from Pinemeadow, you won’t have this problem. You’re envisioning the swing. Callaway Big Bertha Individual gives you that option by featuring an adjustable head that allows you to change the loft and lie angles--there eight different combinations of these! Remember though, you get what you pay for--with this hybrid, you get an excellent training club that you can use to improve your game, or, if you don’t much care about that, have a good time. If you’re an older man, and you know you’re not looking to hurt yourself trying to wield an iron club, then you might have been preparing for a long process of hunting down the proper hybrids to add to your arsenal, to make sure your game doesn’t suffer, even if your body does while swinging an iron. For shots that difficult to hit, this hybrid is forgiving--and fast, too. Knowledge of loft and lie angles is vital to your ability to hit a club. These clubs are fantastic in look, sound, feel and accuracy. EDIT: This review has been up here for something approaching three years now and hopefully has helped a lot of golfers decide if single length irons are a good fit for them. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2015. Just purchased my Integra iDrive hybrid iron set form Custom Golf Stop. It’s a hybrid, of course, just like every other one on the list, but these ones specifically for women and older people. Replace them this hybrid golf club set from Majek. This particular hybrid features an 18-degree loft--a fairly high configuration. But remember, this hybrid is for beginners to intermediate-level players with fairly high handicaps. It might even do the opposite. But you’ll certainly enjoy the game more if you can actually win a few rounds! It’s recommended if you have chronic conditions that would necessitate it. TG Rating Owners' Rating; TG Rating 4 out of 5: 0 out of 5: Tech: A free-standing un-supported face with deep undercut mean the face is extremely hot and able to flex at impact. It even affects the sound of impact when you hit. But not cheaply made. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. ... 38 Review(s) Integra SoooLong 450 Driver $84.00. And of course, common sense would tell you that the lighter your club, the more control you have over it. It’s well worth the price. The result: the new Trident Hybrid irons! Deeper body and longer blade length This hybrid was actually designed for those with high handicaps in mind. So which one do you choose? Download the Gumtree app for … You can still see all customer reviews for the product. This is for intermediate level players. cut all the shafts to 7 iron length. Hybrid Irons or Regular Irons, Golf For Beginners: So You Want To Play Golf, Lighter is better: Equipment Q&A with Nate Radcliffe, Cleveland Golf. I'm 63 years old, and have always had trouble making solid contact with my irons. Instead, what I mean is that some clubs can be wrong for you. Golf components and custom golf clubs are our specialty at Every item on the list is extremely durable, so if you want to stuff it in the trunk of your car, or toss it in the garage for the winter, don’t worry about a thing. The club head is made from stainless steel, and the entire club is as light as can be. Integra I-Drive Hybrid 8-34 is a popular and one of the cheaper options. Concentration is the name of the game and every little bit of it helps. It's in the top 3 bestselling hybrid clubs and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Integra X9 Extreme Moi or Integra I-Drive.. Integra I-Drive Hybrid 8-34 is $34 less expensive than an average hybrid club ($79.99). Its larger face is also designed to help you keep the ball straighter and keep hitting consistently. Looking for the best of the best in golf equipment, gear and gadgets? Integra Quadratic - Acer XP905 Pro Irons - Lynx BC Pro Hybrids Discussion in ' Golf Equipment Reviews ' started by MGP , May 24, 2008 . Overall, a great hybrid. If you’re having trouble with your long game and looking to add more to your drive, then this hybrid from TaylorMade is an absolutely essential addition to your arsenal. Long irons have less loft than other clubs, so that means that they’re not able to generate as much spin. I was struggling with my irons and they made the game fun again! Remember, the lower the loft, the more difficult it is to hit. While not each individual club on the list is adjustable, it was meant to replace all of your irons. 8 sold. But one you’ve never seen put through a test like we will today . The choice is ultimately yours, but if you have a few bucks to spare, this a great addition to your golfing arsenal. If you’re specifically looking for a heavier hybrid, you’re going to want to look for is one with a steel shaft, because they weigh the most. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. This is especially good for senior citizens or for the layman who’s concerned more with a good time than being a skilled golfer. It ensures increased ball speed and an easier launch that promotes carry as well as distance. Your leisure time shouldn’t be spent struggling with clubs that are too heavy for you or too clumsy. Here’s another great hybrid if you’re looking to have some fun out on the course. Some of them are in fact adjustable–these are fantastic for beginners or intermediate players looking to improve their game. The driving force behind this rise in popularity is Bryson DeChambeau’s successful amateur career, entrance on the PGA Tour, and relationship with Cobra Golf, the first major manufacturer to produce two sets of single length irons (standard and forged). Speed Frame Face It’s light and robust and thin, so you can hit the ball quickly off the clubface. You want, in other words, the best of both worlds. The heavier hybrids have a slower clubhead speed–for the reasons already given–and thus end up giving you more control. White non-glare crown There’s nothing more annoying than a distraction while you’re trying to tee off. These well crafted Tour Cavity Irons (TCI) are Shotl Makers! $39.99. That’s why they’re typical–and purposefully–designed with a larger face area more commonly seen on woods, with the distance and spin comparable to that of irons. This is essentially an engineered trench around the face which reduces the thickness and increases the speed of the ball around the face--which also maximizes distance. This one runs a bit more expensive though. That's right—you get a brand new, still-in-the-plastic club to try for two weeks for just $25. Number one on the list, this hybrid golf club is a fantastic replacement for your 3 wood club, and it’s much easier to hit. Designed with Callaway’s signature hyper speed space cup technology and a larger face club, this hybrid is perfect for taking off-center shots. Our Utry ® program gives you the opportunity to try out brand new products from the game's top brands for 14 days for only $25, or $100 for an iron set. In short, if you’re looking for forgiveness, stop looking now. We decided to take the success of hybrid clubs and incorporate it into irons. So, I decided to park my Pings and try the Integras. Additionally, as with any SteelFiber shafts, the FC decreases player fatigue, reduces risk of injury, lesser aggravation of existing injuries then delivering the same greater distance and accuracy. Of course, people of all skill levels can enjoy it, but it was designed specifically for those who could use a little help. Customer Reviews Reviews from real customers who bought the product on Amazon . The topic we’re covering in Edition #2 of the “MyGolfSpy Labs” is one of the most debated topics the golf equipment industry has had for the past 30 years! Over 50 owner operated stores nationwide providing quality service, expert knowledge, convenience and competitive pricing. But unfortunately for the VAS’s they were dethroned from their long held position. Or even if you want to compete one day on some level, this will give you the confidence to tackle some of the difficult clubs to hit, once you get your form down pat. With a 26 degree loft, this hybrid from Adams Golf is an excellent choice for beginners. If you’re looking to replace your long irons--particularly your 3, 4, 5, 6 irons--you’re in the right place. For that reason, included in this list are both dirt cheap as well as expensive items, and brand names as well as hybrids from more generic companies, so you can choose what’s best for you to meet your individual needs. With its longer shaft, and it's relatively lightweight, you can actually swing faster without at all sacrificing distance. See more here. If you’re a beginner or someone who golfs primarily as a hobby, as a way to let loose and have fun, then this hybrid from Pinemeadow will increase your enjoyment of the game by removing all the annoying technical prowess needed to wield a long iron effectively. A great iron for all skill levels and at this price, they wont last long. Just make sure to take care of it. Powerbilt uses this strength to its advantage to create a super thin 2.1mm face, which provides explosive distance across the entire face. For most hybrids on this list, the CG is concentrated very low as well as deep in the head itself, to generate the most power, promoting distance and accuracy for hitting. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. With this hybrid from Adams Golf, that problem will be reduced, due to its tri-level sole design. $64.99. Tri level sole Sometimes you miss completely--you swing all you hit is air. This hybrid by Adams Golf also comes with a tri-level sole, so your interactions with turf are limited. Normally 15-20% of the distance difference between irons is due to difference in shaft length. With this hybrid from Adams Golf, you get more spin and more speed, resulting in a better time on the course. If you’re really a beginner--really, really a beginner--then this is the club you need. Fast swing speed In general, the lower the loft of the golf club the harder it is to hit. Brands include Cougar, PowerBilt, Maxfli and Slazenger It’s a really effective way to make sure you’re prepared for anything on the course, without spending a fortune. The CG is, in short, where all the weight of the club is concentrated. The ball won’t do what you want it to do. If what you’re looking for is an ability to enjoy the game and to improve your hitting abilities, this is an absolute must. Cost and Value If you’re looking for a quality hybrid golf club, then you’ve found one. It’s easy to hit, forgiving, easier launch, fast speed--what’s not to love? Sometimes it’s said that you get what you pay for--that may apply here. Technology is always changing and new products are always coming out. And it’s also true that most hybrids from different companies are just the same product with a different name. A larger face area that allows for more speed and flex, this is sure to keep your time at the golf course enjoyable. But let me set something straight before we dive in: by “the wrong set of golf clubs” I don’t mean that there are such things as “wrong” golf clubs. You lose your concentration. But barring that, it really depends on what you want out of the game, and how you want to play it. This hybrid set from Majek will help you to achieve this efficiency. The wide-sole design on the long irons provide superior forgiveness, and thin-soles on the short irons provide increased accuracy. Take the frustration out of the game and get one of these right away--you’ll have a better time and you’ll feel like a better golfer in the process. Cost and Value This particular hybrid club is neither cheap nor extremely expensive. easy to hit. AgxGolf Men's Tour Select: Show reviews . all irons have the same lie angle. That’s okay, it happens--as long as you’re not a pro, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the game. You want it to get better still? 6 Review(s) Integra SoooLong Power Bar Irons … Graphite shafts are lighter and thus beneficial for those with a slow swing tempo. Easy to hit Just like the last hybrid by Adams Golf, this one is an excellent choice if you’re having trouble with long irons. Trident As Australia's premier golf retailer for over 40 years, Drummond Golf has been providing the largest range of the world’s leading golf brands at competitive prices. Mona Vale Sydney for picking up. That’s totally up to you and your preferences. I'm even hitting the 1 iron and 2 iron well. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Some golf packages include buggy and even shoes! And if you’re looking to avoid breaking the bank, you can stop reading right here. Most irons are adjustable, in that you can change the loft and lie angles as you see fit, according to what kind of shot you’re trying to hit. Complete package golf sets with bags. If you slip, you might miss. With Integra iDrive hybrids, I'm … Golf Digest's annual review of the best clubs in golf. But for the most part, if you find a hybrid that works for you and your style, you should be able to keep it for a long, long time. You’re just a guy who likes to golf. Number one on the list, this hybrid golf club is a fantastic replacement for your 3 wood club, and it’s much easier to hit. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Integra I Drive Hybrid Set at Remember irons are heavier and stiffer, so the vibrations will exacerbate any condition you may have; this is especially true with mishits. With an 18 degree loft, you can hit for up to approximately 200 yards--what’s not to like? Great replacement for long irons Long Irons are notoriously hard to hit. Whether you think it’s worth it or not is your choice. MGP Clubmaking Ho Supporting Member If you have problems with hands or arms, you don’t want to exacerbate them with steel shafts. To be frank: if you want to improve your game, you need at least one hybrid golf club in your arsenal.
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