on ball flight. The 716 AP1 line actually has two gap wedges, W1 and W2. Just ordered these. The top line is a bit thicker at address than the AP2, which I have been playing. Thanks for the explanation Scott on the reason clubs are so dramatically de-lofted these days. Just traded my original AP1 iron set with Project X 5.5 shafts for the “New” Titleist AP1 irons with the stiff KBS custom shaft (soft-stepped). It was more of a general statement because better players tend to have higher swing speeds and tend to stay away from higher launching irons and hybrids. The XP 90 Shaft is a nice shaft. I only got one round in with the whole set before Old Man Winter hit New England, which was sad. Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Titleist claims this tweak will improve a player’s ability to work shots and control trajectory. The 7-iron differences were similar. It is misconception that companies lower the club loft to get more distance through lower launch and more roll out. We last saw the Titleist AP1 iron back in 2013, but the world-famous brand has now decided to make a few adjustments to its classic formula. About Us, Scoreboard The only downside I encountered, as expected, was in the areas of appearance and workability. You can also see from the photo below that the cavity depth is progressive. I’ve never held a club I couldn’t cut or hook or knockdown at my preference. The new 716 AP1 iron is being marketed as Titleist’s most forgiving iron yet. These irons are fit to me? and it pushed the ball a long way. get a feel for the pre-worn sole. The Titleist 718 AP1 irons are designed to be the Titleist iron for the average player. It might mean the difference between clearing the Senior Ranking It’s the same principle as the acoustics of a wood.The feel is nice and forgiving with really good response for a game improvement iron. Note: Length and lie are standard for all Titleist irons. When comparing Titleist 716 AP1, 716 AP2, in a nut shell, the AP1 flew further, lower, with less spin, and the Standard Deviation for ball speed and carry distance was significantly tighter compared to the AP2. Full swings still made a nice divot. My last set was 1/2 longer and I didn’t know it until after they arrived at my door. For an iron, the face can only be connected to the sole of the head. For thinner faces, a connection was necessary or the material had to be super strong. the need to look at adding a wedge, the AP1 offers a Titleist’s new 716 AP2 iron broadens what already was a wide appeal to golfers of different abilities. Above: A 714 AP1 iron, compared the Titleist’s 714 MB “blade” irons. And for the first time the AP1s were the best-sellers after the 716 launch. Because the new 716 AP1 launches higher, Titleist lowered the lofts to keep the same launch angle. I’ve played 6 or 7 rounds with these three clubs replacing my 915H 4-hybrid and my 714 AP2 7-iron and PW. Launch angles and spin were similar for both tests. The butt end feels smooth at impact and the tip feels firm at impact. clubhead speed while maintaining the control of a However, it's fairly safe to say that Callaway Steelhead XR is a more popular iron set, based on its reviews. that on the 716 that is removed and the undercut with each new model. I like these irons a lot. If we relate 716 AP1 and 716 AP2, then we recommend you to choose 716 AP1 golf iron. The 716 AP1 do not have longer shafts. Tournaments This version, however, has more appeal. 716 AP1 irons are the most forgiving among irons of similar size. I have been playing the Titleist 714 AP2 irons with TT XP95 stiff shafts for one and a half seasons. If a head has a lower center of gravity and launches higher, companies like Titleist lower the head loft to get the same optimum launch angle. Titleist has updated their AP1 line with the new 716 AP1 irons as their longest, most forgiving iron ever. above. important part of Titleist's iron designs in general, and The sole camber can be seen on the PW sole below. So Taylormade M4 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Titleist 718 AP1, as seen on the chart below. The most important upgrade is in terms of distance, as the Titleist 716 AP1 will definitely boost your yardage, but without sacrificing forgiveness in the process.
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