Titleist has always done a great job shaping the AP1 irons to have the look of a better players club, while retaining the confidence inspiring size game improvement irons possess. Overall, there's 70 grams of tungsten in the heel and toe. Aug 24, 2017. The cavity back long and middle irons, in particular, offer pleasing feedback in the heel and toe. AP1 irons … The larger clubface is the most forgiving and it wasn’t surprising to see that it was the longest on test. So Callaway Steelhead XR Irons tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Titleist 718 AP1, as seen on the chart below. A clean looking club all around. 5 Iron (24°) Titleist AP1 718. So you like options? Your email address will not be published. There’s no better option in the game improvement iron category. So you have that going for you, which is nice. It's not that you can't sauce a high draw into the back-left pin with an AP1 Iron, rather there are other options better suited for such that we'll cover here shortly. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! The weight was added to the toe and heel of the 2-iron through 7-iron and only the toe of the 8-iron through pitching wedge. Ping G700 Silver. Mint Titleist 718 AP1 Single Iron 4 Iron FST KBS Tour Steel Stiff Right Handed 39.0in Titleist 718 AP1 Iron Set 5-PW GW Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Red AMC Graphite Senior Right Handed 38.0in Titleist 716 AP1 Iron Set 5-PW GW MRC Kuro Kage Low Balance 65 Graphite Regular Right Handed 38.25in Titleist 718 – Which iron suits your game. The face insert is an L-shaped high strength steel and the leading-edge wraps around the sole of the club, which enhances power and precision. Like the Mona Lisa, the Regent Diamond and Taj Mahal rolled into one. The new … Titleist 718 AP1 Irons Expect more from your iron game. Titleist 718 AP1 (available September 29) retails for $1,000 (eight irons) with True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT Red S300 steel or $1,200 with Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Pro Red AMC graphite. PUSH YOUR GAME TO NEW HEIGHTS Launch it high and land it soft with a lower CG and refined tungsten weighting for each individual iron. Titleist 718 AP1 (available September 29) retails for $1,000 (eight irons) with True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT Red S300 steel or $1,200 with Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Pro Red AMC graphite. All of the clubs are very playable featuring a pleasing thin top line. PUSH YOUR GAME TO NEW HEIGHTS: The Titleist 718 AP1 irons launch it high and land it soft thanks to a lower CG and refined tungsten weighting for each individual iron. Titleist has - at least with this offering - resisted the urge to join the launch-monitor-driven how-far-can-your-irons-go arms brigade that has swept through golf club manufacturing (although the Titleist T-MB falls squarely in that category). 2nd Swing Golf offers the best deals on Titleist golf equipment. Of course, per usual Titleist offers a wide array of shafts to ensure golfers receive the proper fit to match their swing and skill. TaylorMade add more firepower to their Players iron range, Odyssey expands #7 putter with Stroke Lab Black ‘Toe Up’ version, Golf Superstore’s top five hottest products, eGolf Megastore launch new custom fit service AccuFit, The summer potion for playing golf in Dubai. Titleist 718 AP1 Silver. What I wanted to find out is how the latest 718 range stacks up when put head-to-head using the same shaft throughout. DISTANCE YOU CAN DEPEND ON: Titleist 718 AP1 irons … Two gap wedges likely limits the AP1 swinger to only one sand wedge (bye bye Mr. 60 degree). $725.02 - … Titleist … All while maintaining our classically coveted look and feel. Longer and more forgiving than the prior generation, 718 AP1 irons combine classic Titleist look and feel with the game’s most advanced game improvement technology to produce an iron that is easy to hit, get in the air and stop on the green quickly. Titleist has an iron for every dedicated golfer, and that starts with the 718 AP1. Moving to the T-MB, I was expecting this to be the one. The new Titleist range is cleverly structured but one that can easily catch you out when it comes to gapping. Shots can be shaped with the mid-irons as well, although 99 percent of us should just aim for a safe target in the middle of the green when we are wielding those weapons and hope we hit it solid ... And for those times when your swing doesn't produce a perfect strike, the CBs are your friend. The AP1 and AP3 irons mix well due to their forgiveness and stronger lofts, but you must take into consideration than an AP1 seven-iron has 30 degrees in loft, which is the same as an AP2 six-iron, so you could easily play a mixed bag with clubs going the same distance. They fall in the same category as the popular Ping G series, Taylor Made M2s or Callaway Steelhead irons. With jacked-up lofts and oversized sweet spots, the ball will travels with the new Titlesit AP1 irons. Again, Titleist is catering to the single-digit handicappers with these irons. ULTRA-FORGIVING, PROGRESSIVE DESIGN IRONS: Explosive ball speed and an even more-forgiving face, with Titleist's classically coveted look and feel. Wilson C300 Prev Club TaylorMade M4. Kate Upton, Raquel Welch and Jackie O beautiful. The 718 AP1 irons take the model in a new direction with … Perhaps a shade bulkier than some might prefer, but Titleist did a good job of disguising the muscleback so that very little of is visible as the golfer strikes the ball. The 2-thru-7 irons feature forged 1025 steel body with a tiny cavity hidden in the low part of the muscle behind a thin high strength steel insert on the 2.1 millimeter face. Titleist 718 MBs are as good as it gets. Gold. Titleist … Titleist has an iron for each specialized golf player, and that starts with the 718 AP1. Titleist 718 AP1 Iron Set 4-PW GW True Temper AMT Red R300 Steel Regular Right Handed 38.0in Visit the Titleist Store. Titleist has grouped it with the 718 T-MB and 718 AP1 as one of their 'Distance' irons because of its forgiveness and unsupported face design. Again, put another check-in-the-box for the 718 AP2 Irons. In an effort to upgrade the 718 AP1 Irons over their predecessors, Titleist aimed to minimize the "hot spots" on the faces while designing these irons. The heel and toe include high density tungsten weights held in place by 14 gram caps, which are heavier than previous models. The ball does come off of these irons with ease. Gold. Titleist does, however, have multiple no upcharge aftermarket shafts for players who are in need of a different profile to choose from. Condition. The new, easy-to-hit AP1 Irons are as forgiving as they are long, which means they’ll fly higher and farther than any previous generation. As part of the QA on receiving heads from the manufactures, Titleist sorts them according to weight. Abbreviated AP, for “Advanced Performance”, the goal for Titleist was to offer premium irons suitable for players of all abilities. The 718 AP1 irons are being offered with stock shaft options in both steel and graphite, with the True Temper AMT Red being the steel option and the Mitsubishi Tensei Red being the graphite option. There’s no much better alternative in the game enhancement iron group. Before delving into each iron, it's worth noting that Titleist claims 90 percent of its Tour players use some sort of mixed or hybrid set of irons. The Callaway Apex Pros are a fair comparison here, with a similar cavity back designed to help loft those long irons without sacrificing control as the shafts become shorter. Look, I know. Insert details about how the information is going to be processed, Straighten Your Flight: The 7 Best Drivers for a Slice, Hitting it Deep: Our 9 Favorite Golf Drivers for 2020, Lead Tape in Golf: A Simple Fix for Straighter Shots, Best Irons for Beginners and High Handicappers. They've updated previous, familiar models, unveiled a brand new line and upgraded irons that were already considered among the best in the world. Straightforward cavity back iron geared toward better players. The AP2 irons are extremely popular with pros and scratch golfers because they are so solid in all areas, combining exceptional workability and forgiveness. Well, Titleist has given golfers a plethora of irons from which to choose. Men's Right Handed. The AP1 is the largest, longest and most forgiving iron in the 718 family. We strengthened the loft and lie by one degree on each club, then swapped to a X100 shaft to drop the spin a little more. Both sets received a gold rating in the 2013 "Golf Digest" Hot List for irons. To watch all the Titleist 718 Iron reviews CLICK HERE - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKnkfgDBi62ki7Yb7FwP886H_fsiSkgqO Become a FREE … My son and I both have 718 AP1 irons. New Titleist 718 AP1 irons provide players with maximum distance and maximum forgiveness, all in the look and feel you've come to expect from Titleist. New 718 AP1 irons are built for maximum distance and maximum forgiveness. The muscle in the cavity is the latest model is smaller than the predecessors, the 716 CB irons. In theory, this should have been the longest. Required fields are marked *, Over 10,000 golfers already enjoy our newsletter. On average, the T-MBs produce a higher ball speed than the AP2s for most golfers. 2020 Holiday Gift Guide + FREE … From Titleist or anyone. Titleist 718 AP1 Silver. Titleist 718 AP1 Irons Review. And, of course, they include all the classic … Finally, the AP1s are the closest thing Titleist has to a game improvement iron. To picture the Titleist AP3s, just envision the AP1s and AP2s got married and had a baby. Because the head length and offset reduce as you go down the set, the pitching wedge is not boxy. The CB irons bring to mind the Taylor Made 700 series (730, 750, 770). If you have to ask ... it might not be the club for you. Longer and more forgiving than the prior generation, 718 AP1 irons combine classic Titleist look and feel with the … The 3-iron measures 21 degrees and the pitching wedge is 47 degrees. Titleist 718 AP1 Irons. From the images released by Titleist, there will be three models of the 718—the AP1, AP2 and AP3 versions. Average when compared to other models produced by the manufacturer and likely slightly shorter than some of the hot irons produced by their competitors. TITLEIST AP1 718 IRONS Reviewed and tested by PGA professional Mark Crossfield. – Marni Ines, Director, Titleist R&D Irons Development On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Taylormade M4 is a more popular iron set, based on its 100+ reviews. Player Benefits New Titleist 718 AP1 irons provide players with maximum distance and maximum forgiveness, all in the look and feel you've come to expect from Titleist. Only ballstrikers need apply. The lower center of gravity enables Titleist to get away with the extremely strong lofts. This is a pure blade with the traditional look, feel, shotmaking characteristics and pleasing chrome finish to create a classic looking iron that you can tell is a Titleist from the moment you see it. To picture the 718 AP3 Irons, just envision the AP1 Irons and AP2 Irons got married and had a baby. The 718 AP1 is a progressive set of irons with an undercut cavity in the 6-W then a hollow body construction in the 4-5. It’s not as long as the AP1 but the seven-iron loft is one degree weaker, so you are splitting hairs on distance.
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