So how can I get passed this. When hit forgot password and type in my email, it says my account isn’t found. When: Date Begin Time Expected Duration September 16, 2019 9:00 PM PST 120 minutes Biggest changes to be excited for: Increase stability - images and videos will now be served from a new asset-only CDN to ease the … He is getting really frustrated. My daughter is beside herself. Ridiculous!! So I was playing a game on Roblox ( username: queencat631) and all of a sudden it logged me out, I tried logging back in but it was saying my password was incorrect. Initially we thought it might be a internet connection and have contacted the internet company and it’s working fully our smart TVs are also working without any issues. (Test is also broken), Username: Rysi0k it says “An unknown error occured. i tried to log in on my roblox account on my iphone Xs and when i did it showed a white box with a gray x in the top left, i waited for about 10 minutes and the box showed nothing, and i havnt found anything on google or roblox help, also i already tried closing and reopening the app, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and i have also tried resetting my phone, does anyone or has anyone had an issue with this as well, or do you know how to fix it? I guess I entered the wrong password and had to reset it and make a new one. Says unable to login. Not happy. Which is crazy cause it worked perfect just before he got locked out. It has 6 buttons, each one containing a letter and spelling out "ROBLOX"; clicking on any of the buttons would reload the page. Sign in on a browser and there is a T&C I had to accept. I love it when I buy a year of memebership, and then I cannot access my account the next day. Ever since Adopt Me updated, I couldn’t play any game EVER SINCE IT UPDATED! Frustrating! Article is truely awfully impressive. when i try to log in on my phone it says temporary error. tried to uninstall reinstall the game but stl dint work. i logged in a different account, then i could log in my main. it’s so annoying, cant verify to login it says choose the right picture and its blank. This is on mobile btw. Our payment system is currently under maintenance. i tried to play a game on roblox today and whenever i do it says download roblox and literally half an hour later it gives me an error so my friend told me to try and update my roblox studio or something so i try to open that and everything associated with roblox gives me an error half an hour after i open it, Hello?? It would be great id another update took place to remove this issue. Yes, we cannot get into Roblox today. If you're trying to save/publish changes to a game in. Me and a friend are trying to open roblox but a message pops up saying it may contain a virus and it might not work properly, I can’t log in. Roblox doesn’t recognizes his account. Used another browser, now working! Um just today I went on to the app (I’m on ipad) and it loads for a while then after some time it says network not connected to internet plz restart again after internet is on though my inteqrneqt bar is full! I did notice that the words “Add Friend” were not in black like they are for everyone else. It keeps cycling through the verification page (rotate picture upright). Please check back shortly! ROBLOX will be down for maintenance for the next 60 minutes. Lol I freaked. i was able to log in till yesterday successfully. My daughter can’t login. Please try again.“. I tried to login and it looked like it would let me in then it just logged me out immediately. This happened twice this week (two different accounts) and also last week. pls help. My daughter can’t get on. Very long loading time when I logged in, about 5 minutes. Title of Website in the tab: ROBLOX Maintenance I keep getting where I need to install. My son can’t sign in his roblox account. It always says I have the incorrect username and password but my alt just works fine. Roblox maintenance, please fix the problems. This maintenance page has a timer, which tells how many minutes and hours of maintenance time. 🙁, Dont worry dude , I also got this Error problem and i couldnt play roblox until now so , its alrdy 2 days (including today) i am still unable to play. I guess cat pictures might keep me occupied for awhile. Everytime i try it won’t work Please Fix this Problem.. My daughter cannot login today. What’s gong on. White scene at times. The service you were trying to reach is temporarily down. But still won’t let her play. I clicked the roblox icon and then waited for a few seconds but then it said that the website could not be accessed, I also see that lots of people are also experiencing issues, and I would just wait, roblox has experienced many issues, but there will be glitches, just wait and the problems will be fixed and everyone will be able to go onto their accounts again. It eventually let me in, but I had to verify whether I was a robot or a real person. I know they are correct bc they are written down and have not been changed. I hate to spend so much money on a game and have it wasted. My daughter got logged out yesterday and now it won’t let her log back in. Please help me! Present payment system maintenance banner. My email has had no problems with any other message and my email is in the account, but the code never arrives, trapping me outside my account. Last update before this was Feb. 20 so if that update was corrupt, that could be the problem, who knows? actually mine is not loading any games. Now my name isn’t recognised in the search players like my name is non existent. I had to click on a box saying he agreed to the terms and service and wa laa, the account was active again and he wasn’t being logged out anymore. It just kicked me out of the game and will not let me go to the home screen it lets me go to Youtube but not roblox! Rlly worried now, what do I do? Im having the same problem. PLEASE ROBLOX FIX THIS MESS, it has logged me out and now i can not login . if you have a verified email on that account, were you able to send yourself a password reset and did u receive it? I tried every single account I have and its not working, I even cleared all my cookies and cache, and everything I try isn’t working. Roblox?! Now we can’t get back in. My account username is Ladie_Coytoy100. Yeah I can’t login in to roblox either, but my brother can login to my account on his computer just fine. Guess what..?! Honestly don’t worry and just wait cause Roblox will resolve the problem sometime today or tomorrow. Poor kid is crying and very upset because everything he’s purchased for the game has been bought with his own money. Same here. It won’t check our user name & it claims to have sent a password link but it does not send to either email account. I have contacted support today but does anyone have an ideas? Trying to login on my son’s pc and it won’t allow it,even after changing the password four times and verifying that I’m not a robot for the last 20 minutes. She swears she never posted any photo of any type, but it said a personal photo was uploaded. Same has been happening to my son since yesterday. She does not want to lose her progress and I don’t want to lose the money spent. Because there was another user said something mean to her friend, “your name is trash” She was trying to defend her friend, so she said “her name is not trash, your name is trash.” So, her account got blocked. Would like for this issue to be resolved. So yeah when I try to login it acts like it logs in but it just refreshes your login but dosent refresh the entire page. am i the only one whos experiencing this today? Guys It Keeps Logging Me Off Cause Roblox+ tells me im currently signed out as (TheAndoxico) Got Hacked Before But Its Not The Problem Cmon Fixed It I played For 3-4 Years. I have followed all the steps in the general connections issues and it still gives me that error. It’s pissing me off. I tried again with phone and laptop but neither worked. button – Sign Up or Login It doesn’t show It, I’m getting quite frustrated. I might start working on a few essay drafts (I have two papers due in about two weeks) and studying for my medical terminology exam (the week the exam takes place is brutal, so I'm trying to lessen my load now) if they are still undergoing maintenance by the time that I am done studying for stats. Please fix and/or update us as to why this is happening. Today i couldnt play idk why this always my daughter can not acess to roblox,. Logged out and is unable to log back in even though the password is correct. Thanks to Roblox. I have also tried reinstalling the app, and opening in a different browser but nothing will work. This old message bar will typically appear prior to Roblox shutting down for maintenance. Can’t log in with correct password. Please try again later.” how can this be fix? I am unable to login in. His user name and pw is correct and whenever he try to sign on it says invalid name or pw? The virtual world has received error messages within browsers in the past, which have included players wondering how to restart their web browser for Roblox when they cannot access the login page. Load roblox from a website (Safari, Chrome, whatever) and enter the username and pw. When i log in It took me back to the roblox log in screen and I kept trying and it just kept going back to the log in or sign up screen? Sign in on a browser and there is a T&C I had to accept. Can you login yet? Once maintenance starts, players will be unable to connect to servers, and players already in games will be automatically kicked from servers. And it’s been happening for like a day or 2… No error code or whatsoever. Anyone can help me? Roblox is down for maintenance right now, who else is trying to play? Hey everyone, The DevHub will be undergoing scheduled maintenance this evening. There is an issue with trying to log into Roblox. Uninstalled and tried to reinstall but it won’t even allow me to reinstall. her user name is missing a number which is not her real username. on pc it’s giving me a 400 | bad request error, while on mobile the instant i log in, it logs me right out . I woke up and it had logged me out, I was really confused so I tried logging in and it said my password was incorrect. The freaking animal is right side up! Then i went to go reset my password and it said the email i used isnt valid. Please do fix this issue. This will tell players to enter login information to play the game. 05/26/2020, Help I spent over £50 on that game and I got kicked out please help my name is XxxSad_ShadowxxX I am worried my sisters account is still working but mine isn’t it goes on a logging in screen, I put in everything correct and then it loads onto the home screen then logs me back off, help! again didn’t work… I got this laptop like in August so I don’t entirely think there’s a problem with my laptop… Yet my sisters can still play Roblox on their laptops, mine is a newer one then there’s… The eldest got it in March and the youngest got there’s 2 years ago!! ROBLOX FIX YOUR F**CKING VERIFICATION SYSTEM, IF NOT JUST REMOVE IT WHY IS IT EVEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU’RE JUST GOING TO F**CKING BREAK IT? Son and daughter can’t login to games, says username and password is incorrect- which is correct. Please read the guidelines and policies before creating or editing any pages. i cant login it keeps repeating the verification. if it doesnt work in the next 24 hours, i will contact roblox. You can also find tons of YouTube videos about it. I tried logging in with my IOS device and my laptop. When will this problem be fixed????? My son cant login to his account, he has forgotten his password but when he presses forgotten password it asks for the username which he puts in and then says it’s incorrect?! Level 1 (Contributor) 2 Answers, 2 Followers: 0. Is this normal? He is hysterical bc hes gonna lose all of his things. The weird thing is, I have multiple accounts, and only my most active account, DodgerbaseballLover, is being unavailable. My other son is having no issues .. currently. This started on Mon 6 April. Tried logging out and entirely uninstalled/reinstalled as well and problems still persist. This morning, Feb 5th, she will log on to Roblox with 2-step verification and shortly after logs her back out. it keeps saying my password is incorrect., After the maintenance was completed, the text would change to ". Then I reset all of the Content Restrictions and he is still logged in and able to play with his original username and password. Daughter went to open the roblox app on my phone. i hope roblox hears us, i thought i was the only one encountering this problem, ITS REDIRECTING ME also MY FRIEND WAS PLAYING AND ALL OF A SUDDEN EVERYONE BECAME A NOOB CHARACTER and it is so anoying. My brother’s account suddenly log out yesterday. logged out of my Roblox today to sign my children in…when I went back to my own account its says wrong password/username. When I finished the task, it would close the screen, but take me back to it again. chielcamjim is my user name and I am having trouble logging in. This is Battle Royale. After that disruption with ROBLOX today, everything has been going out of whack and most comments are about Adopt Me. When I try to access by looking up my e-mail then it tells me my account is not found. afterwards, it says my username and password is not correct or says my account doesn’t exist. ._. Gives me an error.. I couldn’t get on either but I was just playing yesterday I was ready to play some jailbreak but when inlogged in its said server error occured, My son can’t login his roblox acct today…even with correct users name and password…its say invalid users or password…he is very very sad…been purchasing lots of robux for him…please advice he really want his acct really bad, to play his favorite games with his friends & cousins…. 1-2 days ago in the morning it was working perfectly and then in the evening it just crashed… And didn’t work until now. Maybe that was a planned date to fix the servers but in the process the servers go down? But roblox keep saying that it is invalid. And what do ya know ? My son is having problems logging into his ROBLOX account. ive been grinding and farming xp for hours without noticing that the site is offline and im still playing... but reeeeeeeeeee. When I sat back down again ROBLOX wouldn’t accept my password! Tried uninstalling, clearing data and every flaming solution idea there is but still not able to get in! If i try log in its says “A server error has occurred. I know we are putting the correct username and password in but it keeps telling us to use ” forgot password “. I can’t log in either! My email is Same here. Even though I get the password right, I’m told i got it wrong. are you able to login now? But everything else using the internet works. I changed it, then she can login. I don’t know why this is happening. stuck with the error too many login attempts try again later, or reset password, ive reset it 5 times and tried to login but no luck. If this does not help, please contact the Roblox support for more details about the site or game. I am really mad. Roblox login problems take place for various reasons and some users of this massively multiplayer online game will experience issues after maintenance. Hi my daughter can’t seem to login her account we pass the verification and it logs in and kicks her out. pls let me know as i also cannot log in, i am not able to log in. My old email is: My new is email is: also my phone number I forgot my old phone number but I know my new phone number my new phone number is: 07566247651  I cannot log into my son’s Roblox account. Happened 30 Aug 2020. i even changed my password and it still wont let me in??? When I try logging in, it will say “error”. Ever since that maintenance, I always spawn 1000 feet in the air in all my places. I cannot login AND verify either my email address or phone number! This has never happened before. When I log in to my game it asks to click a button to verify that I am a human, and then without nothing, not even giving the chance to do anything, the game restarts and gives a maintenance error code 275.
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