Typical Usage (best examples) Synonyms: wandering, travelling, roaming, migrant More Synonyms of nomadic 2. adjective The fact that so many as 15,000 camels have been counted in the Bolan Pass during one month of the annual Brahui migration indicates the dimensions which the movement assumes. An example of nomadic is a traveling carnival. Among the nomadic Semites, to whom the Hebrews belonged before they settled in Canaan, there has never been any developed priesthood. Examples of Nomad in a sentence. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Find more ways to say nomadic, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Two-thirds of inhabitants live in the capital and the remainder of the populace is mostly nomadic herders. March 14, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. About 250 B.C. The Beast Gods The nomadic tribesmen of the Northern Wastes worship animal totems, which differ between tribes. nomadic meaning: 1. moving from one place to another rather than living in one place all of the time: 2. moving…. definitions. The higher parts of the plains, which are deeply trenched by the upper tributaries of the rivers, are inhabited by various Caucasian races - Kabardians and Cherkesses (Circassians) in the west, Ossetes in the middle, and several tribal elements from Daghestan, described under the general name of Chechens, in the east; while nomadic Nogai Tatars and Turkomans occupy the steppes. A member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land. Because my husband is a long distance truck driver, his days are very nomadic. The characteristic denunciations of corruption and lifeless ritual in the writings of the prophets and the emphasis which is laid upon purity and simplicity of religious life are suggestive of the influence of the nomadic spirit rather than of an internal evolution on Palestinian soil. - The Israelites appear to have been originally a nomadic tribe akin to the Arabs, whom they resemble in their want of political instinct and in their extraordinary religious genius. migratory Last update: October 15, 2015. , As a substitute teacher in a large school district, Helen has a nomadic schedule that puts her at a different school every day. Add a comment 10. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English nomadic no‧mad‧ic / nəʊˈmædɪk $ noʊ-/ adjective 1 nomadic people are nomads nomadic herdsmen 2 if someone leads a nomadic life, they travel from place to place and do not live in any one place for very long The son of an air force pilot, he had a somewhat nomadic childhood. The Mongolians of the northern half of Asia are almost entirely nomadic, hunters and shepherds or herdsmen. I understand what the words are but I'm at a loss for sentence examples. Jabal institutes the life of nomadic shepherds, Jubal is the inventor of music, Tubal-Cain the first smith. One of the most ancient types of body piercings, nose piercings originated in the Middle East and spread through nomadic tribes who migrated into India. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. , Marie should not fall for Eric because he only dates in a nomadic fashion and will soon move on to another girl. Away from the banks of the rivers, between the Euphrates and the Tigris and between the latter and the Persian mountains, are tribes of wandering Arabs, some of whom possess great herds of horses, sheep, goats, asses and camels, while in and by the marshes other tribes, in the transition stage from the nomadic to the settled life, own great herds of buffaloes. Towns turn into motels, people in nomadic surges from place to place, following the moon tides, living tonight in the room where you slept this noon and I the night before. How to use nomadic in a sentence. Gipsy dialects are used by the nomadic tribes of India, while Andamanese has not been connected by philologists with any recognized family of speech. The sheltered waters of the broken southern coast, however, are rich in fish and molluscs, especially in mussels, limpets and barnacles, which are the principal food resource of the nomadic Indian tribes of those regions. Nomadic sentence examples. A nomadic life is a distinctive feature of their culture, whereas school is an institution designed for settled people. Nomad definition is - a member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place usually seasonally and within a well-defined territory. mad (nō′măd′) n. 1. gv2019. , Since Jason does not like to travel, he would not enjoy the nomadic lifestyle of a circus performer. 23 examples: Later they absorbed the surviving nomadic descendants of the authentic… He says he comes from the order of the White Fathers, missionaries to the … The nomadic population which seeks pasturage during the summer months in these dreary altitudes is entirely Kirghiz, and we may take it for granted that it will soon be entirely Russian. John says he will never get married because he is too much of a nomad to ever settle down. See. Nomadic tribes still eke out a living from the surrounding deserts. This " extensive " husbandry is found in combination with a nomadic or seminomadic and pastoral organization, such as that of the German tribes described by Caesar and Tacitus (see especially Germania, 26). During the four hundred years of the Arpad dominion the nomadic Magyar race had established itself permanently in central Europe, adopted western Christianity and founded a national monarchy on the western model. Some nomadic groups are associated with a larger society but maintain their mobile way of life. They also are agriculturists and gardeners; while some 12,000 Kundrovsk Tatars still continue the nomadic life of their ancestors. In the absence of a compatible female to mate, the male tortoise has a tendency to become nomadic. 85), a nomadic tribe of horsemen; speaking, as he expressly declares, the Persian language. Eventually she remarried and the family's nomadic existence ended. See more. My interest has been drawn to details of nomadic tribes from the Eurasian Steppes. It is an area which has been left almost in the undisturbed possession of nomadic Indian tribes, whose scanty numbers find it difficult to solve the food problem. tribesmanst Gods The nomadic tribesmen of the Northern Wastes worship animal totems, which differ between tribes. The nomadic tribe moved their camp several times a year. . Even in residence at Cornell, he maintained his nomadic existence. This terminal may be a wireless modem to get access to a terrestrial wireless network but can also be a satellite terminal. These cookies do not store any personal information. nomadic in a sentence - Use "nomadic" in a sentence 1. In Norway there are three classes - the sea Lapps, the river Lapps and the mountain Lapps, the first two settled, the third nomadic. herdsmanted by nomadic herdsmen who are Buddhist, the region is in reality an unspoiled area of Tibet just miles from the Chinese border. 2. "It was an unsettled, nomadic period in his life". The warm, mellow breeze from the sea delicately caressed her face and ruffled the feathers in her fuchsia hat; her dainty high collar tickled her chin with each movement of the air, but she remained perfectly still just as she had been instructed at finishing school where the head mistress instilled the admirable qualities and mannerisms of a truly refined woman. Also, computer industry trends toward distributed computing, and nomadic or mobile computer … On the north bordering on Turkestan the dialect of the nomadic Hor-pa tribes is much mixed with Turkic ingredients. As a nomadic people they have great contempt for the Sarts, who represent the town dwellers of the tribe. The dogs were used by the … Nomads are known as a group of communities who travel from place to place for their livelihood. In the nomadic period and during the earlier years of the settlement of Israel in Canaan the head of every family could offer sacrifices. Others are hunters and fishermen and are nomadic in habit. ), a sister of the Byzantine emperor on condition of the prince becoming a Christian, adopted Christianity for themselves and their subjects, learned to hold in check the nomadic hordes of the steppe, and formed matrimonial alliances with the reigning families of Poland, Hungary, Norway and France. , The nomadic con artist moves often so the authorities will not catch him. A nomadic army of horse archers might slip away to turn up somewhere else. Ottoman control is imperfect in Lebanon, the Houran, and over the Armenian mountain region of Zeitun and over the eastern steppe-lands, whose nomadic populations can withdraw themselves out of reach. They come from many sources and are not checked. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Shortly after this unfortunate episode the Whitleys climbed aboard their camels and resumed their nomadic wanderings, never to be seen again. Their life is nomadic, and they are hunters, living upon the flesh of the guanaco, and using only tussock-roots and wild celery for vegetable food. The semi-Asiatic kingdom of Astrakhan, where the whole atmosphere was predatory and nine-tenths of the population were nomadic, was the natural milieu for such a rebellion as Stenka Razin's. The Nabataeans were forbidden to cultivate the vine, the object being to prevent any departure from their traditional nomadic habits. The indigenous races are nomadic Mongols, of a peaceful character, but in a very backward state of civilization. 116. In 922, when they were converted to Islam, Ibn Foslan found them not quite nomadic, and already having some permanent settlements and houses in wood. The race was nomadic, and lived on the abundant natural fruits of the land. The desert regions yield support only to nomadic peoples, such as the Tuareg, Tibbu, Bedouins and Bushmen, though the presence of numerous oases in the north renders the condition of life easier for the inhabitants. Here, at an elevation of 15,000 ft., about the great Lake Dangra, we hear of well-built villages and of richly cultivated fields of barley, indicating a condition of climate analogous to that which prevails in the districts south of Lhasa, and in contrast to the sterility of the lake region generally and the nomadic character of its population. Long drouths prevail in this region and there is no inducement for settlement, the nomadic Indians visiting it only on their hunting expeditions. nomadic in a sentence - Use "nomadic" in a sentence 1. Beyond this, the country rises abruptly, and a barren, almost desert plain stretches eastwards, sparsely cultivated, and inhabited only by nomadic tribes of herdsmen. p. 54.6. How vital was the nomadic element rn the Parthian Empire is obvious from the fact that, in civil wars, the deposed kings conThe Iranian sistently took refuge among the Dahae or Scythians ~ and were restored by them. We have already touched on the nomadic peoples (DAa, Dahans) of Iranian nationality, who occupied the steppes of Tunkestan as far as the Sanmatians and Scytliians of South Russia. Such a supposition would accord with the prominence acquired by the moon in the calendar and in astrological calculations, as well as with the fact pointed out (see SIN) that the moon-cult belongs to the nomadic and therefore earlier, stage of civilization, whereas the sun-god rises to full importance only after the agricultural stage has been reached. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The nomad never stays in a city for more than two months. When I worked on the food truck, I felt I had a nomadic existence because the truck was constantly moving. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). Their country was rough and unfruitful as a whole (barley, however, was cultivated), being chiefly used for the pasture of sheep. 11. For it involved a transition from the simple nomadic relations to those of the agricultural and more highly civilized Canaanite life. Under the Roman peace they lost their warlike and nomadic habits, and were a sober, acquisitive, orderly people, wholly intent on trade and agriculture (Strabo xvi. "Their nomadic ways made them very unpredictable and deceiving". This is not a sentence. In an implicitly critical and somewhat nomadic way in appearance if not intent they move base and re-invent themselves when necessary. All these sentences are mined from Wikipedia (movies & book plots) and are available at my website. The Tibetan race, which probably belongs to the Turko-Mongol stock, is divided between the nomadic tentdwelling Tibetans of the lake region and transition zone between it and the river region, and the settled sedentary population of the valleys. Since retiring, my mother has become a nomad whose main goal is to see the world. Others they forced to abandon the nomadic life, and settle by the Khabur (e.g. There are two classes into which the population of Palestine can be divided - the nomadic and the sedentary. In Mongolia the population is essentially nomadic, its wealth consisting in herds of horned cattle, sheep, horses and camels. Diodotus (Theodotus), governor of Bactria under the Seleucidae, declared his independence, and commenced the history of the Greco-Bactrian dynasties, which succumbed to Parthian and nomadic movements about 126 B.C. The nomad never stays in a city for more than two months. 38. It is the religion of the settled grazier and the peasant, while the ruder daeva-cult holds its ground among the uncivilized nomadic tribes. nomadic should be in sentence. Jael, the slayer of Sisera (see Deborah), was the wife of Heber the Kenite, who lived near Kadesh in Naphtali; and the appearance of the clan in this locality may be explained from the nomadic habits of the tribe, or else as a result of the northward movement in which at least one other clan or tribe took part (see DAN). They were probably of Iranian race: among the Persians Herodotus describes a similar mixture of nomadic and settled tribes. To the original nomadic Pesah (Passover) - sacrifice of a lamb - there was attached a distinct and agricultural festival of unleavened cakes (ynassoth) which marks the beginning of the corn harvest in the middle of the month Abib (the name of which points to its Canaanite and 1 The tablet is neo-Babylonian and published by Dr Pinches in the Transactions of the Victoria Institute, and is cited by Professor Fried. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. After this came a Buddhist era which has left its traces in the gigantic sculptures at Bamian and the rock-cut topes of Haibak. Edessa was occupied by a nomadic Arabic tribe, the Orrhoei (Plin. Sentence Examples with the word nomadic July 18, 2020 All Dictionary About 250 B.C. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. I need two, separate sentences; one using the word, Nomad and one using the word, Nomatic. The estimated number of Indians living within the boundaries of Chile is about 50,000, which presumably includes the nomadic tribes of the Fuegian archipelago, whose number probably does not reach 5000. The population is sparse, frequently nomadic and addicted to plunder; progress in the arts and habits of civilization is small. The interesting nomadic tribe of Karagasses, in the Sayan mountains, is disappearing; the few representatives are rapidly losing their anthropological. Nomadic people travel from place to place rather than living in one place all the time....the great nomadic tribes of the Western Sahara. 1. 94 seq.) a n v d [Please select] 0. Because my husband is a long distance truck driver, his days are very nomadic. They maintain a half nomadic life, very few having become settlers in the Russian villages. nomad. click for more sentences of nomadic: 43. The Somali are predominantly nomadic pastoralists living in the northern part of the Somali Democratic Republic in northeastern Africa. Thick-billed parrot Present in small numbers and highly nomadic in the Durango Highway area.  Maxgyan.com is an online hindi english dictionary. They stretched far into the midst of the nomadic tribes. 2. : The Nomad, Nichols says, superimposes high-contrast, high-resolution images on the user's view. Sentence Examples for nomadic. Scarves: For a gypsy look, scarves are a must-have, but that doesn't mean you have to limit their purpose to nomadic costumes. He was the son of Gnurus, chief of a nomadic tribe of the Euxine shores, and a Greek woman. The whole tract, excepting south-eastern Arabia, is nominally subject to Turkey, but the people are to no small extent practically independent, living a nomadic, pastoral and freebooting life under petty chiefs, in the more arid districts, but settled in towns in the more fertile tracts, where agriculture becomes more profitable and external commerce is established. The nomadic wild horses never stayed in one place for long. However this may be, it is necessary to account for the nomadic colouring of the narratives (cf. Men also tuck their trousers into knee-high boots which are very thick to suit the nomadic life. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. as to the Boo chapels on wheels in the nomadic host), are based on fact. Check the meaning of nomadic. A nomadic lifestyle fits very uneasily into this sort of society. 77. Examples of Nomadic in a sentence. having the life of a drifter. Nomadic aborigines have hardly been touched. Nomadic definition: Nomadic people travel from place to place rather than living in one place all the time. Nomadic Culture, Female Customs and Faith in Kwan-yin constitute my research on the study of folklore. The characters have such nomadic backgrounds that they obliterate categorical stereotypes. The place was a great rendezvous for nomadic Lapps, and I found many of them. The impetus to the purification of the old Semite religion to which the Hebrews for a long time clung in common with their fellows - the various branches of nomadic Arabs - was largely furnished by the remarkable civilization unfolded in the Euphrates valley and in many of the traditions, myths and legends embodied in the Old Testament; traces of direct borrowing from Babylonia may be discerned, while the indirect influences in the domain of the prophetical books, as also in the Psalms and in the so-called "Wisdom Literature," are even more noteworthy. Nomadic definition, of, relating to, or characteristic of nomads. 0. adjective. 2. A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer. The physical characteristics of these nomadic armies were very variable, since they continually increased their numbers by slaves, women and soldiers of fortune drawn from all the surrounding races. The scarce resources of the Great Basin led the Native American tribes who lived there to become nomadic and wander from place to place. The nomadic tribe moved their camp several times a year. as being at this time a strong tribe of some io,000 warriors, pre-eminent among the nomadic Arabs, eschewing agriculture, fixed houses and the use of wine, but adding to pastoral pursuits a profitable trade with the seaports in myrrh and spices from Arabia Felix, as well as a trade with Egypt in bitumen from the Dead Sea. No. Some 60 of these more or less nomadic communities, of one or two thousand tents (or houses) each, representing a population of several hundred thousands are described by Oppenheim. sentence; 1: One would be characteristic of semi-nomadic pastoralists: the sacrifice of the first lamb born in the spring to the deity in order to procure favor and … The Totonacs inhabit northern Vera Cruz and speak a language related to that of the Mayas; the Tarascos form a small group living in Michoacan; the Matlanzingos, or Matlaltzincas, live near the Tarascos, the savage Apaches, a nomadic group of tribes ranging from Durango northward into the United States; the Opata-Pima group, inhabiting the western plateau region from Sonora and Chihuahua south to Guadalajara, is sometimes classed as a branch of the Nahuatlaca; the Seris, a very small family of savages, occupy Tiburon Island and the adjacent mainland of Sonora; and the Guaicuros, or Yumas, are to be found in the northern part of the peninsula of Lower California.
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