Yep, time, money, hassle — they all add up. 5 Reasons You’ll Want a Veteran-Friendly Real Estate Agent, What’s Tarek El Moussa Up To? Remember, you get limited representation. . Sure, dual agency is legal in Arizona (and many other places). If/when the issue of my commission were to come up, I would state, "How much I get paid for the successful closing will be a converstion between my client, the Seller and I.". Thanks for stopping by and adding to the discussion! .-= Gary Sattelberger´s last blog ..Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Report January 28, 2010 =-. Agency representation is difficult to understand for many real estate agents, let alone consumers. I think the same applies for a consumer who represents himself in a real estate transaction. FSBUs, Lenders, and Limited Representation Brokers. There is a difference, and it's important. You want a good read? Buyer that I represent the Seller ONLY, and that anything the Buyer choses to tell me, can and will be relayed to the Seller. When I am working for the Seller I will do everything to see it for the maximum price and best terms. That would be a monthly payment of $1,021. In this case, proper consent and documentation of the limited representation would need to be obtained from BOTH the Buyer and Seller, PRIOR to providing real estate services. Be Extremely Careful to Know Your Brokerage's Representation Options . .-= John Wake´s last blog ..Only 23% of normal Scottsdale listings sold in 2009 =-. Maybe some economist can figure it out . This one should stick though as the material is endless. . Clarity of understanding of your state's rules and the various ways in which you can be their representative are central aspects to such a disclosure. The "Consent to Limited Representation" form has two boxes, one for "single licensee" and one for "Two Licensee" . A limited service listing means that the real estate agent or broker only provides limited real estate and brokerage services. Great article. $36,100 down. I'd rather be high-fived because I helped someone buy the house they wanted for the price they wanted – that's a job well done. What if, with his own representation he was able to negotiate a purchase price of 5% under list (which is entirely possible in the Phoenix market, and many others). . Is this who we are as agents? So here is a guy that is convinced he can save money if he uses an agent that represents the other party in the transaction. The same agent who already has a fiduciary duty to the seller. And it is easy to let emotion over-ride common sense. Real estate is considered an essential business, so we are continuing to schedule private showings using all available health & safety precautions.Virtual showings are also available upon request. I think we all hear from that guy from time to time, nice post. .-= Jeffrey Douglass´s last blog ..Week 5 Rancho Santa Fe Closed Real Estate Sales =-. COVID-19 SHOWINGS We are committed to your safety during this difficult time. With full disclosure to all parties of course. New on TPREG –…, […] Real Estate 101: Representation ”“ Jay makes a very strong case on why calling the listing agent on the sign may not be the best […]. It necessitates certain procedures to keep the respective clients' information separated in-house, with access limited to the appropriate agent. ... limited representation. Thanks for the great article – you rock! Option three is a Discounted Limited Full-Service Listing. And for the record we have been able to negotiation with banks who own homes to make repairs. I was going to until they decided to charge for it. Never mind the non-disclosed cracked slab, sex offender living next door, and the fact that the Seller's have that chronic sewer pipe problem. It sickens me. I tend to drive too fast and scream at the University of Texas and Denver Broncos football teams. It would be silly to commit to a rigorous posting schedule, as that would just be setting myself up for failure. =-. And fortunately, I never represent the Buyer and Seller in the same transaction, so my loyalty and goal is very clear. We all know homes are purchased on emotion and the listing agent is going to take every advantage of that. ORS 696.815(1) allows a real estate licensee to represent both the seller and the buyer in a real estate transaction under a disclosed limited agency agreement, provided there is full disclosure of the relationship under the agreement. As the saying goes… the attorney who represents himself, has a fool for a client! Me: Mind if I ask you why? Welcome to The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, or "TPREG" as we fondly refer to it. Dual Agency With Two Agents . While realtors perform several important tasks like marketing the home, pricing it competitively, and negotiating counteroffers, a limited service agent or broker will only help with a few of these. Do you think the seller’s agent is going to go to bat for you? Henderson Real Estate Agency Limited provides real estate development services. However, there is a way to get legal help just for part of a case. Not sure why. . It will be interesting to see where the industry goes with biz models like Redfin. A client has a brokerage relationship with a Realtor®: The client has signed a contract and is legally represented by that Realtor® and the Realtor®'s brokerage. ©1995-2020 National Association of REALTORS® and Move, Inc. All rights® is the official site of the National Association of REALTORS® and is operated by Move, Inc., a subsidiary of News Corp. It is our fiduciary and ethical responsibility to do so. THANK YOU FOR SAYING IT JAY!!!! I betcha we’ll get 2 ”“ 4 articles a month though. ... each property of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited… Almost every state requires some form of disclosure to the client or prospective client as to how you intend to represent them in a real estate transaction. You don’t have to pay 6%! When you get a listing, for example, you are hired for the one act of finding a buyer for the listed property. .-= Jeffrey Douglass´s last blog ..Week 5 Rancho Santa Fe Closed Real Estate Sales =-. Representation is important. Limited Representation & Retainer Policies (Any questions or comments regarding these terms or fees should be directed to Say you are interested in an REO property. Instead, dual agents owe limited fiduciary duties. Here you’ll need to sign a document saying you are OK with having limited representation. Given that we currently just represent REO homes for sale, the REO property may be a deal but don't lose out on it by taking a risk. At the bottom, there's a link to a post called Hello World. Check out a recent post we had at…. However, when the Buyer in your scenario does call the listing agent as an unrepresented buyer, they are doing so because they believe that they can negotiate a "better deal" by being unrepresented. I think that the old way of seller representation, even for your own buyers were more realistic if it was your own listing. I'm a former real estate broker in Phoenix, Arizona, currently work for Zillow Group and am the founder of the Phoenix Real Estate Guy blog. We’re not talking about walking into Best Buy and purchasing a television. The Realtor®'s primary fiduciary responsibility is to the client. YOU get more if I pay more. To over-simplify it, there is no way I can represent both sides and simultaneously get the highest price for the seller and the lowest price for the buyer. Jay’s Note: “Real Estate 101” is a new series where we’ll explore the basics of real estate buying, selling and investing. Some day, they'll move and remember who helped them get a great deal. So that means the caller can now (maybe) purchase the home for $188,100 in theory “saving” the buyer $1,900. We’re talking about a home purchase, quite likely the single largest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. It is this pervasive attitude of saving a buck that allows dual agency to continue year after year. When the Buyer replied "No", I would advise Mr. Although it’s common for multiple representation to occur in the real-estate market, there are caveats you should know about. Buying or selling a home is a very emotional process. What can you do … he knows how real estate works :). It's up to the forward thinking and client serving real estate professionals such as ourselves to educate the public on this matter. But you’ll have no negotiation position. I recently converted my static site to WP and I'm using Thesis as well. It is so important to have that ongoing relationship with your agent far before you find the home you want to buy, you want an advocate, not a sales job when you run into that "perfect house". I assure you he’s thinking on a full price offer (after all, he’s already working for the seller to get them top price). The agent represents the transaction only. 2. Consent to Limited Representation (“Consent”):Pc-2017 You must first complete Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election Part 2: PC-2017 before viewing this Lesson Please purchase the course before starting the lesson. That would be a monthly payment of $1,011. Assuming of course, you really live in the home for 30 years.). My two kids are smarter than most adults I know and my wife is simply amazing. Our site,, will only work with buyer's with agent representation. Which Real Estate Agent Do You Use? A little simple math is all that is needed to seem the benefits of independent representation. This is called “ Limited Assistance Representation ” or “LAR.” With LAR, you and a lawyer agree what parts of a case you will handle and what parts the lawyer will handle. Don’t you want someone representing you and only you and your best interests? Limited Liability Insurance vs. Real Estate LLC. When a buyer uses the realtor off the sign in the yard (the Listing Agent) to represent him/her, then that realtor, who has been representing the Seller, is now representing both the Seller and Buyer.That agent becomes what is commonly called a "Limited Agent".This is illegal in some states, but not in Utah. If my clients have the needs that matches what a builder is offering, then I will show them the homes, but I will not take them to a community just because there is an incentive dangled in front of me. High-fiving just because we made extra money on a transaction? As you mention, intra-agency limited agency is often unavoidable, though I think that can be managed if the broker sets proper ground rules and procedures. That's a nice chunk of change for the buyer. The listing agent won’t make as much money if you sell the home. Which discount listing service are you considering? Think he’s going to risk pissing off the lender (his client) and possibly lose future listings from that lender? For Sale Bellevue Heights St. Catherine, Spanish Town, Bellevue Heights Dual agency is pretty common practice in Iowa, so I get some odd looks when I say I'm against it too, (yes, the killed the kitten look springs to mind). Jay, once again you drilled it down to logic. I send out a newsletter with homes sold and I occasionally get emails asking why a home sold at such a high price. In my experience, the benefits (if any) and risks (may be significant) of limited representation are rarely understood buy any of the parties involved in such a transaction, agents included. You check which ever box is appropriate and write in either one or two agents name. Good synopsis and example Jay. New Movies and Events in Iowa City & Coralville this Weekend, Top 10 real estate posts of the day for 2/4/2010 : Tempe real estate and free home search, Why a national MLS is bad for agents and consumers, Alexa, Enable Phoenix Real Estate Guy Market Update, Why you should consider a 1031 exchange to move your California investment to Arizona. … Do you really think an agent who represents the seller’s best interest is going to attempt to do this for you the buyer? Agency relationships in residential real estate transactions involve the legal representation by a real estate broker (on behalf of a real estate company) of the principal, whether that person(s) is a buyer or a seller. Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Report January 28, 2010, Week 5 Rancho Santa Fe Closed Real Estate Sales, Only 23% of normal Scottsdale listings sold in 2009,, A True Measure Of Real Estate Depreciation. During your inspection you find the home needs a new roof (water heater, A/C ”“ insert expensive item here). THE UNDERSIGNED PARTIES ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY HAVE THOROUGHLY READ, UNDERSTOOD AND APPROVED THIS CONSENT AND ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF A COPY. Good buyer representation can save money, time (which is money), and hassle (which is time). . Your argument that the buyer isn't saving all that much when using the seller's agent for representation is right on the money (pun intended). Oregon Real Estate Agency Disclosure Pamphlet. I abhor single-agent dual agency. All too often emotion, rather than common sense, rule the decision making process. At this point I'm not even trying to get them to be MY client, I just want them to consider working with any agent but the seller's agent. Some argue that designated agency is just as bad as dual agency, because the focus of the agents is on what is best for the real estate firm and collecting the commission from both clients. Let me know your thoughts on that! Limited scope representation, often referred to as “unbundling,” allows attorneys to help potential clients for part of a case rather than seeing it though from beginning to end. This kind of limited representation allows a licensee to facilitate a real estate transaction by assisting both the buyer and the seller; providing however, that a licensee should never work to represent one party to the detriment of the other party when acting as a transaction broker to both parties. You can't put a price on a satisfied client, but I'm confident it's well over $300. . They represent the seller, and the seller’s interests. They will discount their commission if I work through them. I was going to until they decided to charge for it. It is true in so many ways. But I guess everyone should be a little concerned about someone just after the buck, pretty short sighted in my book. Jay, You always have such a fresh way of looking at things and so logical. ... a broker cannot limit the regulatory authority of the Department of Real Estate. . With a purchase price of 190,000, the buyer needs $38,000 down, so he’s financing $152,000. I recently converted my static site to WP and I’m using Thesis as well. When you work with an agent in a real estate transaction, you're either a client or a customer of that agent. Say I'm able to help one of my buyers get a lower price, let's call it $10,000 below list price. But it's important to note that agency law varies from state to state, and not all agency types are covered in this article.
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