Lacy wore a skirt too short and tight for office wear, but when you're the boss … "I noticed you've been taking a lot of sick time lately," Lacy said as Sofia entered the room. 4. The best-known Alpine health resorts are St Moritz and Davos, to which lately Grindelwald has been added. 3. Among Devonian plants, Equisetales, including not only Archaeocalamites, but forms referred to Asterophyllites and Annularia, occur; Sphenophyllum is known from Devonian strata in North America and Bear Island, and Pseudobornia from the latter; Lycopods are represented by Bothrodendron and Lepidodendron; a typical Lepidostrobus, with structure preserved, has lately been found in the Upper Devonian of Kentucky. Ramsay (Was Christ Born at Bethlehem?, 1898, pp. She'd be lucky to walk again soon, and without medical supplies…with her luck lately, she wouldn't die from infection, just suffer for the rest of her life. the countess asked him. Was that why Alex was so concerned about her safety lately? The man was a Kaluga landowner of small means who had lately come to Petersburg. I wisely followed with my careful research of recent births in this community until I found mother LeBlanc, lately arrived from a city near Lynn, Massachusetts! I don't know what's gotten into me lately. She'd be lucky to walk again soon, and without medical supplies…with her luck lately, she wouldn't die from infection, just suffer for the rest of her life. She'd learned a lot lately about how obligation held more sway in the Immortal society than truth or emotion. Russia was till lately the most police-ridden country in the world; not even in France in the worst days of the monarchy were the people so much in the hands of the police. How to use kind of in a sentence. I've been so poorly lately. To make matters worse, lately she had been dreaming of the ranch as well. 10 examples of sentences “not late”. I have been observing Helen's little cousin lately. I don't know what's been bothering you lately, but if I've done something, I wish you would tell me. How to use lately in a sentence. These cookies do not store any personal information. While she maintains a presence on television, she has mostly stayed out of the limelight lately. Until lately this plant passed as a narrow-leaved variety (angustifolia) of the older one, but when it bloomed freely in 1903 the flowers proved to be distinct-creamy-white with an orange centre. Born shoes focus on handcrafted, unique styles--no wonder they've been seen on the feet of so many celebrities lately! A motion for an inquiry into the conduct of the war was skilfully evaded by obtaining precedence for the succession question (Queen Ulrica Leonora had lately died childless and King Frederick was old); and negotiations were thus opened with the new Russian empress, Elizabeth, who agreed to restore the greater part of Finland if her cousin, Adolphus Frederick of Holstein, were elected successor to the Swedish crown. Although, lately she had been hitting that nerve with little or no effort. , Though the salon is usually profitable, lately we have been spending more than we have been making. LTK: Your wines have been the subject of some really great Robert Parker and Wine Spectator reviews lately, particularly the 2008 vintage and 2009 barrel samples. Wil is a writer, teacher, learning technologist and keen language learner. The population has lately decreased and now numbers about 4000. Use "lately" in a sentence. The subsequent experiments of Snellen, Senftleben, and, more lately, of Turner, seem to show that if the eyeball be protected from the impingement of foreign particles, an accident to which it is liable owing to its state of anaesthesia, the ulceration may be warded off indefinitely. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. We have made several additions to the collection recently Let me, therefore, beg you, Sir, having now told you the true ground of the trouble I lately gave you, to let me know the very truth of the matter, as far at least as comes within your knowledge.". perfect, the difference is mainly structural. “not late” in a sentence. The progress of heresy, the reported troubles in Germany, the war which had lately broken out between the dukes of Austria and Burgundy, and finally, the small number of fathers who had responded to the summons of Martin V., caused that pontiff's successor, Eugenius IV., to think that the synod of Basel was doomed to certain failure. Things were going great for the first year but lately we have been fighting and not getting along well. It has lately been shown by Fraser and Chambers that in Eurotium both io FIG. 6. Temptation had been pounding on the door with a sledge hammer lately. In 1876 Sayce pointed out the resemblance between certain Hittite signs and characters in the lately deciphered Cypriote syllabary, and suggested that the comparison might lead to a beginning of decipherment; but the hope has proved vain. It seems, especially lately, that female celebrities are finding themselves involved in scandals much more than their male counterparts. Have you seen him lately? As of late, however, that has just not happened. For example, you may say, “I haven’t completed my homework yet,” or, “I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”. She's been having a tough time of it lately. Lately, my normally happy-go-lucky mother has been displaying random bursts of anger for no reason. I think we've both had a lot on our minds lately. Modern Cheapside merges eastward into the street called the Poultry, from the poulterers' stalls " but lately departed from thence," according to Stow, at the close of the 16th century. He had been unusually quiet and solemn lately. Lacy wore a skirt too short and tight for office wear, but when you're the boss … "I noticed you've been taking a lot of sick time lately," Lacy said as Sofia entered the room. The issue of video game violence and children has really come to the attention of mass media lately, and this is possibly because video games are more realistic than ever before. In 1136 the army of Griffith ap Rhys met with a large English force near Cardigan, composed of the denizens of the South Wales castles and of the hated Flemish colonists, who had been lately planted by Henry I. The excavation of Carchemish, lately suspended owing to political uncertainty in Syria, has been very interesting. In the year following, 1788, Nembana, a Timni chief, sold a strip of land to Captain John Taylor, R.N., for the use of the "free community of settlers, their heirs and successors, lately arrived from England, and under the protection of the British government.". By the autumn of the same year, probably feeling the incompleteness of the artistic training that could be obtained north of the Alps, he must have taken advantage of some opportunity, we know not what, to make an excursion of some months to Italy, leaving his lately married wife at Nuremberg. Bickerstaffe ], who lately absconded for a detestable crime, it is asserted, has drowned himself. In June 1862 the American minister in London drew Lord Russells attention tothe fact that a vessel, lately launched at MessrsLairds yard at Birkenhead, was obviously intended to be en~iloyed as .a Confederate cruiser. Conventional diet wisdom lately is that eating more often during the day prevents blood sugar spikes and makes you feel full, even if you're consuming fewer calories. Special interest attaches to the most aberrant member of the family, the Peruvian Dinomys, known for more than thirty years only by a single specimen taken in a house in Lima, and only lately rediscovered. The photographic registration of meteor-trails, too, has been lately attempted with partial success. We're definitely not playing that great as of late. LR: Lately we are obsessed with these keychains called Pinky Trees. late in a sentence - Use "late" in a sentence 1. In some of the genera parthenogenetic propagation is carried to such an extent that of the familiar Cypris it is said, " until quite lately males in this genus were unknown; and up to the present time no male has been found in the British Islands " (Brady and Norman, 1896). More lately she has by some been conjecturally recognized in a doubtful, though Leonardesque, portrait of a lady with a weasel in the Czartoryski collection at Prague. Lately he wasn't content – or maybe she was letting Katie stir that thought. Besides, I've been neglecting him lately. Not a particularly novel concept, but executed with more vim and vigor than any other sitcom I've seen lately. A complete life, founded on the lately discovered process of 1626 and the new letters, was being prepared by the author of the present article at the time of his death. At either corner of the Propylaea entrance were equestrian statues dedicated by the Athenian knights; the bases with inscriptions have lately been recovered. It has lately been shown that there is a fusion of nuclei in connexion with ascus formation, so that there can be no doubt of the position of this extraordinary group of plants among the Ascomycetes. Definition of Lately. A description and enumeration of all known Dermaptera has been lately published by A. 1. adverb [ADVERB with verb] You use lately to describe events in the recent past, or situations that started a short time ago. Lately a number of researchers have suggested approaches which help to transcend such dualism. The Politics (B 10) mentions as having happened lately (vecouri) the expedition of Phalaecus to Crete, which occurred towards the end of the Sacred War in 346. in the Politics, quotes an event as now (vuv), he was writing about it at that time; and when he quotes another event as lately (vecoo-7 1) he was writing about it shortly after that time; but he might have been writing the rest of the Politics both before and after either event. Of course, Kevin Federline has been making headlines lately for his custody fight with Britney Spears. Sea-birds are abundant, and, probably from the islands having been comparatively lately peopled, they are singularly tame. 1 "If you were counting on the evening soup, you have come too late," said a voice from behind the fire with a repressed laugh. Lately is used to describe a repetitive event of the past, or to say a particular event has not occurred in near past. "What have you done for me lately" and "Flavor of the week" are the key mantras. When, therefore, he ascended the Polish throne in 1333, the future of his country, which then consisted of little more than the lately reunited provinces of Great and Little Poland, seemed dark indeed; especially as she was still at war with the Teutonic Order and with John of Luxemburg, king of Bohemia, who claimed the crown of Poland also. "have recently taken"). , Lately, my normally happy-go-lucky mother has been displaying random bursts of anger for no reason. northern Asia, and till lately the forest regions of central Europe, has not inhabited Britain during the historic period, but its remains have been found in cave deposits of Pleistocene age. The Assembly itself was subject to constant the oo electors as a temporary municipal overnment 3 P Y P g cipality of the Assembly sent a deputation to confer with them at the Hotel de Ville, and on a sudden impulse one of these deputies, Bailly, lately president of the Assembly, was P power. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. It has more lately, however, been held that the present building is not Aldhelm's, but a restoration, dating from about 975, and attributable to the influence of Dunstan, archbishop of Canterbury. Lately, he'd been thinking of nothing but Rissa. More Daily Mirror 12/25/2005 Mariah Carey rejects fur coats from Russian tycoon Lately a Russian tycoon has gone through a bit of embarrassment. This pair is lightweight and easy to pack and takes its cue from the new attention yoga's getting lately. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Dad's health hasn't been too good lately. The news of the strengthening of the British army and navy lately announced in the king's speech had perhaps annoyed him; but seeing that his outbursts of passion were nearly always the result of calculation - he once stated, pointing to his chin, that temper only mounted that high with him - his design, doubtless, was to set men everywhere talking about the perfidy of Albion. The Athenians, irritated by the support which Artaxerxes had lately given to the revolt of their allies, and excited by rumours of his hostile preparations, were feverishly eager for a war with Persia. ", The date of publication is, however, fixed as 1617 by a letter from Sir Henry Bourchier to Usher, dated December 6, 1617, containing the passage- " Our kind friend, Mr Briggs, hath lately published a supplement to the most excellent tables of logarithms, which I presume he has sent to you.". Several scholars - notably Bhagvanlal Indraji, Mr Lewis Rice and Hofrath Biihler - have treated of the remarkable archaeological discoveries lately made. Without a doubt, it would be a diversion from the gruesome thoughts that had plagued her mind lately. Pusey indeed studied under Eichhorn, and in his Historical Enquiry into the probable causes of the Rationalist Character lately predominant in German Theology (1828-1830) speaks sympathetically of the attitude of the Reformers on the question of Scripture and in condemnation of the later Protestant scholastic doctrine; but even in this book he shows no receptivity for any of the actual critical conclusions of Eichhorn and his successors, and subsequently threw the weight of his learning against critical conclusions - notably in his Commentary on Daniel (1864). It seems that this Mahommed, or his son, emigrated later to Sumatra, where in the old Samara the graves of their descendants have been lately discovered. These gaps have lately been repaired, or made passable with the help of iron stanchions; the remains cf the buildings at the top and at the foot of the mountain have been excavated; and the entrance to the gallery, between the outstretched paws of a gigantic lion, has been laid bare. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, although lately he has been spending much of his time indoors. It was aimed at the repeal of the whole Elizabethan legislation against the Roman Catholics and perhaps derived some impulse at first from the leniency lately shown by the administration, afterwards gaining support from the opposite cause, the return of the government to the policy of repression. Stubbs's prefaces to some of the chronicles in the Rolls series, and (more lately) F. Subsequently he elevated Gnesen into the metropolitan see of Poland, with jurisdiction over the bishoprics of Cracow, Breslau and Kolberg, all three of these new sees, it is important to notice, being in territory conquered by Boleslaus; for hitherto both Cracow and Breslau had been Bohemian cities,-while Kolberg was founded to curb the lately subjugated Pomeranians. Sometimes, the tabloids get it all wrong, but lately it seems, when they are talking about a celebrity couple splitting, they've been spot on. (returned, came back) " My mom recently had surgery. How to use “not late” in a sentence. Lately, there have been some signs that grass-roots activism is reappearing. Until lately polygamy has been common among all the Malagasy tribes, and divorce effected in an absurdly easy fashion. The disinclination of sovereigns and peoples to a division, of the disastrous consequences of which the West had only lately had plentiful experiences, was so pronounced that 1 May 23, 1423: vide the Chronicle of Martin de Alpartil, edited by Ehrle (1906). If you haven't visited the Walmart website lately, you will want to make a special effort to bookmark this resource in your browser. Lately, there has been a revival of interest in sundials. Whether systematic training can do anything to make the attainment of this balance easier is a question that has lately engaged the attention of many educational reformers; and whatever future casuistry may still have before it would seem to lie along the lines indicated by them. Needham have lately (1898-1899) shown that a common arrangement underlies all, six series of longitudinal or radiating nervures being present in the typical wing (see fig. The French had lately renewed their arrangements for the excavation of Colophon, but no results had been obtained up to 1921 on the site. The so-called first edition of the Speculum Majus, including the Speculum Morale, ascribed to Johann Mentelin and long celebrated as the earliest work printed at Strassburg, has lately been challenged as being only an earlier edition of Vincent's three genuine Specula (c. 1468-70), with which has been bound up the Speculum Morale first printed by Mentelin (c. 1 473-7 6). Tree growing is just a hobby and lately there has been very little time for hobbies. The Flat Belly Diet has been getting quite a bit of attention lately, and many people are interested in learning how to make some of the flat belly diet recipes. The more aggressive protectionists among Mr Chamberlain's supporters had lately become very confident, and Mr Balfour plainly repudiated "protection" in so far as it meant a policy aiming at supporting or creating home industries by raising home prices; but he introduced a new point by declaring that an Imperial Conference would be called to discuss with the colonies the question of preferential tariffs if the Unionist government obtained a majority at the next general election. recently. These fats have been in the news lately because eating too much of them has been linked to heart disease and other health problems. You've been traveling a lot lately and your entire system is suffering from a bit of jet lag. I heard it proposed lately that two young men should travel together over the world, the one without money, earning his means as he went, before the mast and behind the plow, the other carrying a bill of exchange in his pocket. Profits of the market were recorded on 30 Dec 1352, held by John, earl of Kent, lately deceased. Most of the works lately named, being very costly, are not easily accessible. Lately in a sentence. Also, you can't replace recently by lately in the fixed expression"until recently". I don't know what's been bothering you lately, but if I've done something, I wish you would tell me. And yet, lately he had seemed to warm to her. You know how mum is lately. 1 49 ff.) It was built (consecration, 1248) by St Louis of France to contain the relic of the Crown of Thorns, ransomed by the king from the Venetians, who held it in pawn from the Latin emperor of the East, John of Brienne, lately dead. It had been held till lately that the great civilization of prehistoric Greece, as first revealed to us by Schliemann's discoveries at Mycenae, was not possessed of the art of writing. But this secondary authority (the Flatey Book narrative), which till lately formed the basis of all general knowledge as to Vinland, abounds in contradictions and difficulties from which Eric the Red Saga is comparatively free. the books from Joshua to the end of Chronicles are traditionally, and lately also by external evidence,' assigned to Tyndale and were probably left by him in the hands of Rogers. In a lately issued ' Mathematical Gazette ' there is an interesting reminiscence of the Rector of Headley. , Lately, the usually fast-growing city has experienced stagnant population growth. Most continental countries have issued stringent laws against the sale of secret remedies, and these have been lately strengthened in Germany, France and Italy. If you’ve been fighting with fuzz lately and aren’t quite sure how to get soft, silky smooth skin, the best hair removal products can have you hair-free in a snap. David Beckham has worn a variety of styles, and lately favors a long and messy look that shows off his healthy blonde locks. Do you know of any person who was once poor but who has lately and suddenly become well-to-do? Until relatively lately the cast iron for the Bessemer and open-hearth processes was nearly always allowed to solidify in pigs, which were next broken up by hand and remelted at great cost. 2. It seemed the only news was bad news lately but then we cracked a pedophile ring in a Detroit suburb prompting seven arrests and ascended back up to cloud nine. MD: Yes, there has been much buzz about sous vide in the food community lately, and we certainly thank shows like Top Chef in helping us fuel the trend among home chefs. On the other hand, evidence has lately been brought forward to show that certain parasites which greatly resemble a Spirochaele are really related to the Trypanosomes. In 1002 he came to Greenland, married Gudrid, widow of Red Eric's son Thorstein, and put himself at the head of a great expedition now undertaken from Ericsfiord for the further exploration and settlement of the western Vinland (south Nova Scotia?) He was preparing to enter the university, but he and his friend Obolenski had lately, in secret, agreed to join the hussars. Your boyfriend seems to be much happier lately. I don't know what's gotten into you lately, but I wish the old Carmen would come back. His first experiment in treason was Rising of the so-called rising of Robin of Redesdale, which Robin of was ostensibly an armed protest by the gentry and Redes- commons of Yorkshire against the maladministration dale, of the realm by the kings favoriteshis wifes relatives, and the courtiers whom he had lately promoted to high rank and office. Example sentences with the word lately. Popular universities have lately attained considerable development. He watched the change, irritated by the bizarre mood swings and cryptic ramblings that defined Darian's speech lately. Lately there has been a lot of press about the toxic contamination of ocean fish. Things have been a little stressful for her lately since I've had to live out of town for a few weeks while I'm doing my clinicals for school. 38, writes as follows: "Certain men have quite lately brought forward as written by him (Clement) other verbose and lengthy writings, containing dialogues of Peter, forsooth, and Apion, whereof not the slightest mention is to be found among the ancients, for they do not even preserve in purity the stamp of the Apostolic orthodoxy.". ); but the great apse with its tall columnar arcades and the fine campanile are probably the only remnants of the early edifice, the nave and transepts having been rebuilt in the Gothic style in the 14th century, while the west front was begun in 1204 by Guidetto (lately identified with Guido Bigarelli of Como), and "consists of a vast portico of three magnificent arches, and above them three ranges of open galleries covered with all the devices of an exuberant fancy.". While my relationship with Martha LeBlanc, nee Rossi, dated back to our play pen years and kindergarten days, lately we've hiked different paths, reducing our contact to Christmas cards and once a month phone calls. The nearest enemy was Bohemia, to whom Poland had lately been compelled to pay tribute for her oldest possession, Silesia. [M] [T] I haven't seen him lately. CapSacs have been a huge hit lately too with the college crowd, they are these neon hats with fanny packs on them. Yully watched him, alerted by the same sense of uneasiness she felt around her father lately. Have you seen any good films lately? To say "Majuba" and "Gordon" recalls its deepest hurts, but not all of them; and it may be that a pained and angry people, looking back, saw in the man whom they lately displaced more than they had ever seen before. Frank has been drinking a lot of beer lately because he got fired last week. 1) whence the name Isoptera (=equal winged) lately applied to the group by G. Public opinion in England, lately so hostile, now became confident, and Wellington, whose rewards for Talavera had been opposed in both Houses, began to gain extraordinary popularity. If you haven't pulled out the Scrabble board lately, what you are waiting for? Be this as it may, the Lombards, their ranks swelled by the Gepidae, whom they had lately conquered, and by the wrecks of other barbarian tribes, passed southward under their king Alboin in 568. In spite of some waverings towards what has lately been called " conditional immortality " (see Apologetics) the doctrine of " natural immortality " championed by Augustine became dominant in the church; an instalment of what was afterwards to be called Natural Theology; and a postulate or presupposition to-day - like free will - in Roman Catholic apologetics. The church continued till lately to carry on normal schools for the training of teachers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen; but these, along with the normal schools of the United Free Church, were recently made over to the state. Lately, many financial experts have been touting the benefits of consumers examining where they spend little bits of money they don't think about, and how budgeting can really make a difference to their financial well-being. My wife and i haven't gone out much lately because she's been concentrating on … Such machines have been extensively employed in America, and have also lately been used in Great Britain, worked by the FIG. The determination of the relative degree of perfection of organization attained by two animals 1 A great deal of superfluous hypothesis has lately been put forward in the name of " the principle of convergence of characters " by a certain school of palaeontologists. Lately she has been much interested in colour. It wasn't her fault they hadn't seen much of each other lately. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " The project was recently completed. Use the comments section below to give us some examples using ‘lately’ correctly in a sentence. Basketball players often grow into their length, tend to look slightly etiolated in their youth, green and lately sprung. Early Helladic house walls have lately been found by the American School at Corinth (A. : The Brigantes controlled territory which later became all of the North Riding of Yorkshire and the West Riding of Yorkshire. She has a brother; I think you know him, he married Lise Meinen lately. Lately, I am beginning to feel the pressures of sustaining a long-distance relationship. She's been behaving very oddly lately. On the same bench of a Calcutta college sit youths trained up in the strictest theism, others indoctrinated in the mysteries of the Hindu trinity and pantheon, with representatives of every link in the chain of superstition - from the harmless offering of flowers before the family god to the cruel rites of Kali, whose altars in the most civilized districts of Bengal, as lately as the famine of 1866, were stained with human blood. A judge of horses and a sportsman, he had lately procured himself a large, fine, mettlesome, Donets horse, dun-colored, with light mane and tail, and when he rode it no one could outgallop him. Have you seen him lately? Only lately did Owari feel the influence of the new movement towards Chinese types. The falling off of the crop, especially in 1899, was due to bad seasons and to insects, notably the Cycloconium oleog-inum, and the Dacus oleae, or oil-fly, which have ravaged the olive-yards, and it is noticeable that lately good and bad seasons see1n to alternate; between 1900 and 1905 the crops were alternately one half of, and equal to, that of the latter year. [M] [T] I've been snowed under with work lately. My Bichon Frise has been licking her bottom a lot lately, but she never scoots.
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