An HP computer is capable of accessing sound from a home audio system via the HDMI port. My other devices connected to my others HDMI ports were working fine. Hi all, after I bought a new Acer Aspire 5 (a515-52g-380a) yesterday and installed Windows 10 the HDMI connection to Samsung TV (4003 Class, 24") is not working. It was in the past. Roku and similar devices are often used in a living-room Home Theater, so you just use an HDMI-Input on the AVR or Amp. This ability to recognize and communicate media and devices is referred to as the "HDMI handshake." Then Plug in the power cord, then one HDMI cable and try your device that way. The port is not always active and must be turned on via the computer's sound configuration setting. Iam web developer and when i write code i need dual … However, the hardware on such laptops is designed to support high-end graphics from video game consoles and a normal laptop must not be used for HDMI input because it … Z7_3054ICK0KGTE30AQO5O3KA3016 hp-feedback-input-portlet However, there are some gaming laptops such as Alienware which have 2 HDMI ports, one for output and one for input. Iam new in forum. Hooked up the monitor to another computer using the same hdmi cable and it works. Get the best deals on Windows 10 HDMI PC Desktops & All-In-One Computers and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at I have tried different drivers by updating and then by going back to an earler I am having the same problem with the HDMI input on my HP Envy 23 k-009c touchsmart. RECOMMENDED:If you have Windows errors then it's highly recommended that you download and install this Windows Repair Tool. I don't know why, but the AOSD might be related to my HDMI problem. Just got a new all in one computer, it comes with a hdmi port but as far as I can tell its a HDMI input only, im looking to stream to a tv cables or not its not important. Up until 2 weeks ago everything was fine. I've updated all drivers etc but now HDMI does work like before. I have managed to fix up by my own, but there is still one big problem which is the HDMI port on my laptop. If your TV features an audio input, you might be able to connect a separate audio cable from your computer directly to the TV. If the handshake doesn't work, that means the HDCP encryption embedded in the HDMI signal is not recognized by one or more of the connected devices. I have a Sony Android TV KD-55X8509C. August 2017 in All-In-One PCs I have an Acer Aspire AZ3-615-UR1A all-in-one. Try removing all HDMI cables and then "remove" the power cord for about 10 minutes (powering off is not sufficient ). This document pertains to HP and Compaq All-in-One ... not support audio signals. Would be great if someone could point me in the right direction. All 3 HDMI ports are failing to recognize any inputs from my cable box or Apple TV. You can use your Omni27 PC as a high-resolution monitor for playing games or viewing movies from devices that display HDMI video, such as XBox or a Blue-ray movie player. HP Omni27 All-in-One PCs - Using an HDMI Game Console or HDMI Video Player with your Omni27 PC This document applies to HP Omni27 All-in-One desktop computers. Under $750.00. It has support for HDMI. To use it, just plug in your HDMI output device and switch the computer from PC mode to HDMI mode using the HDMI IN button under the bottom left hand side of the display. Now the TV just says no signal. Use an HDMI cable to connect with devices that display HDMI, such as game consoles, DVD players, or Android devices, and then switch the computer from PC mode to HDMI mode. The monitor model is AOC e2450swh. Hi all, I have an issue like many others with HDMI ports. Any suggestions other that taking it to the shop? Fast & Free shipping on ... NEW HP All-in-One 21.5" FHD Intel G4900T 4GB RAM 1TB HDD DVD Webcam Win 10 Mint. Some HP ENVY products have a display toggle switch on the underside of the all in one screen, but mine does not. Right click the monitor that is not working. If I use the same laptop and connect to my hd tv using the same cord it works, but does not work with my monitor. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I have tried all … was ... For parts or not working. HDMI inputs (Xbox and WiiU) to connect to my HP ENVY 23, and they don't connect either. Hello, The hdmi input in my laptop Dell Inspiron 5537 is not working. The standout feature of the Omni 27-1015t is the HDMI input on the side. Thank you. Xbox ONE X HDMI PORT NOT WORKING I turned off my xbox and went to bed, and the next day i turned it back on and my tv said the HDMI has no signal. Lenovo Inc. View View. HDMI cables do support audio signals, but not all HDMI-enabled video cards support audio. After a few screens, you can see a page where theset two options need to be checked. I just upgrade to windows 10 my HP ENVY dv6 Laptop and since then the HDMI port is not working. Use your HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart 23 or 27 All-in-One to play games, watch movies, and more. This is handy for when you want to use your desktop as a display for another device such as a video game console or DVD player, but it can preclude the use of a second monitor. Now your PC HDMI port may be working in Windows 7 or 8.1, but not working after upgrading to 10. I tried: - using different HDMI cables into 2 different slots on the TV; - Re-installing the driver; - Updating the driver (it is up to date as it is downloaded from Acer site as of 25.03.2019); The HDMI port on some models of HP all-in-one desktops is for input only. Completely frustrated, we carted the whole lot back to Currys and asked why the computer does not recognise the TV. I'm not sure if it supports input like connecting a ps3 with an hdmi cable. Model # UN43MU630DFXZA Please help! Once the HDMI port is active, you can adjust the sound to your liking using the computer's volume control or the television/surround sound device's volume control. I'm considering a second desktop computer for my desk, and plug that into the Acer's HDMI-in port so I can use it as the monitor. ... Click the appropriate video input button (either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2) to toggle between full screen video and PIP. Click the video mode: Gaming (3), Default (4), Movie (5), or Text (6). Basically, it does not work with HDMI at all. Price. I've replaced both the cable box and cables - still not signal. Suffice it to say, we were shocked. Right click and select “Troubleshoot compatibility“. First find the setup files. When connecting the HDMI cable i could hear the sound on the laptop for the new connection but still no image on the TV. If the steps in this document did not resolve the HDMI issue, see HP PCs – Advanced HDMI Display and Sound Troubleshooting (Windows). I have an hp pavilion g6 2008tx which has an hdmi port. The button under the left side was also working to switch between sources. There are plenty of articles on Hdmi-out but none on Hdmi-in. To change back to PC mode, just hold the HDMI IN button. One of our joys, being pensioners, is watching YouTube videos on our Panasonic TV but now we are stuck. With easy upgrades [1] in three simple steps, you can feel confident your tech will stay up-to-date. $529.99. ive tried connecting a hdmi but i think its the input only so will only work with devices going to computer screen not the other way. And if it does have input, I dont know where to change the display settings on my laptop. After installing Alienware On-Screen Display again, the HDMI Input port began to work. Fix HDMI Port not working for Windows 10 PC using Compatibility Mode. Already try downloading drivers form the HP for Windows 8 and setting the compatibility to windows 8 but still not working. One minute, it was working fine with both my PS3 and Sky HD box plugged into two different HDMI ports, the next it wasn't. I have updated the latest graphics card, both nVidia and Intel, but no progress. I have read many of the comments and nothing seems to fix the issue, so hopefully someone here is able to point me in the right direction. HDMI Input is a common feature of a monitor or HDTV. If both the above-elaborated methods didn't fix your problem of HDMI not working on Windows 10, then you should try to check if your HDMI device is set as the default of not. Since an All-In-One is also "a monitor" good to see Dell has included HDMI Input (like any other monitor or display). SHOP SUPPORT. The on-screen button options for controlling volume only appear when the HDMI input is selected; they are not present when the Computer display is selected. When you are using HDMI input on the Dell XPS One 2720. I have a Dell Inspirion 24-5000 all-in-one desktop that according to the specs has an Hdmi-in port on the back. Also, something to note there is a known flaw with these tv's that cause a spike on the motherboard that cause the HDMI ports to stop working altogether.
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