Enjoy! The Grado SR60e are subpar headphones for everyday, casual use. Grado’s website says that the 8 conductor design will impro… You'll actually hear notes you never knew were there. These headphones don't come with an app or software for added customization options. They can handle a few drops without damage. Sadly, they don't fold up into a more compact format, and the thick cable is a bit bothersome. Grado SR60i. The ambient noise of a train ride or bus ride will ruin your listening experience. Un câble long vous donne plus de liberté de mouvement. £8.99. 124g vs 125g; Câble 0.13m plus long? Dispose d'un aimant néodyme? They barely isolate any external sound and are quite transparent, except for the small build-up at 1kHz that could color external sounds. Table of Contents. However, like the SR60e, they sound sharp. There's no padding on the headband, but because of their lightweight design, it's not as noticeable. Since they still rest on your ears, they won't be as breathable as in-ears over long listening sessions, but they're a lot more breathable than over-ear headphones and most on-ear designs aside from the Koss Porta Pro Wireless. Being open-back headphones, it's natural for these headphones to be loud and leak a lot of sound. Normally I would do a separate review of each headphone, but being as these two models are basically identical, instead I will review the SR60e and outline Similarities and Differences with the SR80e towards the end of the review. so that you can compare the results easily. The Grado SR60e are very breathable headphones. Replacement Ear Pads For GRADO SR60 SR80 SR125 SR225 SR325 M1 M2 headphones . GRADO SR60E, sonido vivo y contundente. The Grado SR60e have a very retro aesthetic. The Grado SR80e are pretty much identical to the Grado SR125e. Grado SR60's vs SR80's (plus a plug for the SR125's) by Bill K: 2009 UPDATE: Grado has made some changes! Con los GRADO SR60E podrás percibir de forma vívida todos los instrumentos que entran en juego durante la reproducción musical. They have an above-average but sharp sound quality and an open design that gives them a wide soundstage compared to most on-ears. They have small on-ear cups that are open back so they do not obstruct a lot of airflow. The sensitivity is also very similar as GRADO SR60e has 100 dB and Philips SHP9500 has 101 dB. The SR80 are, therefore, a better value for your money since they have the same performance at a cheaper price point. Design – Grado SR80e vs Sennheiser HD 559 Comparison Review Headband. 57% Upvoted. Grado SR60e. Same black polycarbonate cans and vinyl strap, same feeling as they sit atop my head. Also, on the off chance that you think about their distinction in numbers, SR80e’s headphones are 10% to 15% ahead than SR60e’s. The Grado SR60e have a simple 1/8TRS audio cable with no in-line remote/microphone, so they'll only provide audio when connected to your PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Linkidea Headphones Case for Grado SR80 SR80e SR80i SR60 SR60i SR60e, Grado RS2 RS1 RS2i RS1i RS2e RS1e SR125 SR225 SR325 PS500 Case/Headset Travel Bag with Space for Cable, Charger, Parts (Black) 4.3 out of 5 stars 33. Size-wise, the Grado SR60e appear quite similar to headphones like Beats Solo 2. They don't any office chatter, and they leak a lot which will be audible even at lower volumes. They also have slightly more breathable pads than typical on-ear designs, with pleather padding which makes them even more breathable. The Grado SR60e are moderately comfortable headphones. The Grado SR60e have poor build quality. … Replacement Earpads Cushion Pillow Ear Pads Foam for Grado SR-60 SR60 Headphones. The SR80e and SR125e look identical when sitting next to each other save for the model number and cable thickness. This won't be for everyone, especially on already bright tracks. The Grado Prestige Series SR60e headphones have a unique, old-school look to them that could prove to be divisive: I personally love the look, but if you’re more used to the sleek, modern look sported by many current headphones, you may find these to be strange looking. Like the Grado SR80is, and every other pair in Grado's over-ear range, the SR60is look like the headsets worn by radio operators of yore, or perhaps the ‘ear' bits of a Cyberman. The extra 20 is not worth since at that price point there are many other headphones which offer more features and better sound quality as well. The Grado SR60 aren't for office use. These headphones are wired and don't have a Bluetooth connection. Faire défiler vers le bas pour plus d'informations. Next Last. Thread starter robodude666; Start date Jan 4, 2010; 1; 2; Next. 4 years ago. Ce design permet un son précis et naturel. Le design de l'appareil lui permet de diffuser le son depuis l'arrière des coques de l'écouteur, qui d'ordinaire possède une ventilation ou des perforations. … On the upside, they have a thick audio cable that won't get damaged easily. hide. Their open-back ear cups are larger than most on-ear headphones but unfortunately, the plastic used for their design looks a little cheap. Les dispositifs disposants d'aimants néodyme sont plus puissant mais aussi plus léger que ceux utilisant des aimants en ferrite. The Grado SR60e is your entry to the world of full spectrum audio. The Grado SR60e don't have a dock. L'écoute du Grado SR60e se caractérise par un médium très texturé, qui fait la part belle aux voix, ainsi que des registres grave et aigu sous contrôle. It also has a super soft cushion on its underside that is coated with a light velvet material. It also will pull them off your head if it gets hooked on something. Grado SR60e vs Grado SR60i. The Grado SR60 and SR80e are nearly the same headphone with the exception of sound. 2 x Ear pads Cushion Cover kit GRADO SR125, SR225, SR325, SR60, SR80, M1, M2 UK. Sound. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. This page is currently only available in English. These headphones don't have any in-line controls. Categorie. 1. 1 of 2 Go to page. SR80e headphones are superior to SR60e. Sound. Mayflower MK3 V1 mod| HD6xx | Amperior | Fidelio X2| CB-1. £1.99 postage. Poor leakage. They slip a little when you tilt your head while casually listening and will easily fall during any physical activity. © 2020 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tight, punchy, well-organised That's not the only reason to avoid taking them out of the house: like their costlier siblings, they leak sound more than MI6 leaks top secret documents. smartphone computer portatili tablets paesi. We purchase our own headphones and This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs, Want to see us review a specific headphones? Unfortunately, they're not well-padded. These headphones aren't designed for sports. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. And if you compare their difference in numbers, SR80e’s headphones are 10% to 15% ahead than SR60e’s. These are very breathable headphones. put them under the same test bench, The SR60e is a headphone with a well rounded bass that makes for fun, grungy rock and roll listening. If you want a similar design in a wireless format, consider the Grado GW100. The headphones provide open, layered, and airy sound. Par contre l’arceau n’est pas rembourré, il est simplement recouvert de simili cuir. Grâce à sa conception ouverte, le casque Grado SR60e délivre une écoute bien aérée et une large scène sonore. The SR125e have slightly thicker and more durable cables, but have the same design and build quality as the rest of the budget Grado line up. Grado Hemp Headphones - Limited Edition Open Back Wired Stereo Headphones 5.0 out of 5 stars 6. Cerca. Internally, the specs all read out the same except for cable. Since they still rest on your ears, they won't be as breathable as in-ears over long listening sessions but they're a lot … The $99.00 Grado SR80e, and the $90.00 Philips SHP9500 Le casque GRADO SR60e est léger et la pression est bien répartie. These headphones don't have any active components and don't require a battery. Archived. 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