a. Distributor agrees that it shall not and is not authorized to promote, resell, deliver, install, service or otherwise support the Supplier Products outside of the Territory. Exclusive Distribution Agreement … Distributor shall use reasonable commercial efforts to purchase and sell during each calendar year at least the dollar value of Supplier Products listed in this Section below (the “Annual Target”). The provisions of this Agreement that, by express terms of this Agreement, will not be fully performed during the term of this Agreement, shall survive the termination of this Agreement to the extent applicable. Try it out now! Distribution agreement templates are available on internet for free of cost. Supplier shall have the right to assign such option to repurchase to any other person whom it may designate. Any notice, consent or other communication required or permitted under this Agreement shall be written in English and shall be deemed given when (a) delivered personally; (b) sent by confirmed facsimile transmission; or (c) sent by commercial courier with written verification of receipt returned to the sender. EXCLUSIVE MASTER DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT BETWEEN ARGISOLAR SOLUTIONS, INC. AND AGRI-TECHNOLOGIESLLC. DISTRIBUTOR accepts this appointment on the terms and conditions set forth herein and obligates itself to the requirements of this Agreement… When you create a document instance, it will be based upon the latest version of the underlying document template at the time of creation of the instance, irrespective of your date of purchase. This obligation does not extend to any foreign patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets or to any Supplier Products manufactured or modified by Supplier to meet Distributor’s or a customer’s specifications. Parties other than PandaDoc may provide products, services, recommendations, or views on PandaDoc’s site (“Third Party Materials”). SUPPLIER DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY, PROMISE OR OBLIGATION THAT THE SUPPLIER PRODUCTS CONFORM TO ANY SAMPLES OR MODELS. Developer hereby appoints Distributor on an exclusive basis as it sole distributor for the sale of the products set forth in Schedule A (hereinafter referred to as the "Products") in the Territory (as defined below) during the term of this Agreement… This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties’ respective successors and permitted assigns. These agreements generally consolidate conditions and terms of supply, sometimes as an appendix or schedule to the agreement and sometimes in the body of the agreement. This Agreement is executed in the English language and may be translated into another language for informational purposes only. Risk of loss for the Supplier Products shall pass upon delivery to the named carrier at Supplier’s facilities. Distributor shall promote the sale of Supplier Products in the Territory on its website. We will update our document templates from time to time, but this will not affect your document instances. THIS SUBSECTION STATES THE ENTIRE LIABILITY OF SUPPLIER WITH RESPECT TO INFRINGEMENT OF ANY PATENT, COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARK, TRADE SECRET OR OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT BY ANY SUPPLIER PRODUCT. Unless earlier terminated as provided in this Agreement, the term of this Agreement shall commence as of the Effective Date and shall automatically expire at the end of [Expiration after number of years] years following the Effective Date. No consideration or indemnity shall be payable to Distributor either for loss of profit, goodwill, customers or other like or unlike items, nor for advertising costs, costs of samples or supplies, termination of employees, employees’ salaries and other like or unlike items. SUPPLIER SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS OR DAMAGE OR FOR ANY LOST PROFITS, LOST SAVINGS OR LOSS OF REVENUES SUFFERED BY DISTRIBUTOR ARISING FROM OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH THIS AGREEMENT OR THE SALE, DISTRIBUTION OR USE OF SUPPLIER PRODUCTS. Distributor agrees to exercise its best efforts to (a) promote the sale of and obtain orders for the Supplier Products in the Territory; (b) abide by Supplier’s policies and procedures with regard to the purchase, sale and support of Supplier Products; and (c) conduct its business in a manner that reflects favorably at all times on the Supplier Products and the good name, goodwill and reputation of Supplier or its affiliates. Distributor is an independent contractor and not an employee, agent, affiliate, partner or joint venture with or of Supplier. Distribution Agreement (Short Form) - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Distributor will be solely responsible for the accuracy of the translations and will provide Supplier with a copy of each translated work. However, the party so delayed shall use its best efforts, without obligation to expend substantial amounts not otherwise required under this Agreement, to remove or overcome the cause of delay. This form is used in an agreement in which a supplier of goods and a distributor make a legal arrangement. Exclusive distribution: An overview of EU and national case law 2 Andrés Font GAlArzA, Eryk Lucas DziADykiEwicz, Pablo FiGuEroA l 2 January 2012 l e-Competitions l N°41235 l www.concurrences.com … Distributor shall be solely responsible for the costs involved in the distribution of the Supplier Products, including sales costs, import duties, any and all banking charges, shipping and handling costs, installation costs or other operating expenses, letter of credit costs, wire transfer fees and other costs associated with making payment, and taxes, however designated, except that Distributor shall not be liable for taxes imposed that are based on Supplier’s income. Distributor hereby submits itself to the exclusive jurisdiction of said courts and consents to service of process by confirmed facsimile transmission or commercial courier (with written verification of receipt returned to the sender). Distributor shall indemnify and hold harmless Supplier from and against any and all liability, loss, damages and costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of any claim by Distributor or any third party standing in the right of Distributor to any right of entitlement contrary to the express terms of this Section. ALL CLAIMS UNDER THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE MADE BY DISTRIBUTOR AND MAY NOT BE MADE BY DISTRIBUTOR’S CUSTOMERS. 3. Exclusive Distribution Agreement (1).doc - Exclusive Distribution Agreement Between a Corporation organized under the laws of[country registered office All you have to do is just to fill in the blanks and print or replace all the highlighted words with your own details. EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT This Exclusive Distribution Agreement (hereinafter the “Agreement”) is made effective as of March ___ 2019, BETWEEN: INFINITY SAV Co., Ltd., registration … Rejection or other refusal to accept or the inability to deliver because of changed address or facsimile number of which no notice was given shall be deemed to constitute receipt of the notice, consent or communication sent. Notwithstanding the passage of title, Supplier shall retain a security interest in all Supplier Products delivered until amounts for which Distributor is responsible under this Agreement have been received by Supplier. Each order submitted shall constitute an offer by Distributor to purchase or license the Supplier Products described in such order and, upon acceptance by Supplier, shall give rise to a contractual obligation of Distributor to purchase or license the said products on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. There are no ongoing licence fees. SECTION ONE – OBJECTIVE. SCHEDULE 2 (TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SUPPLY). Supplier shall have all rights of a secured party, including the right to file a financing statement under the Uniform Commercial Code or a comparable law within the Territory to protect Supplier’s security interest. THE WARRANTIES SET FORTH IN THIS SECTION ARE INTENDED SOLELY FOR THE BENEFIT OF DISTRIBUTOR. This is a shorter version of our premium exclusive distribution agreement. During the term of this Agreement and thereafter, neither Distributor, nor Distributor’s employees, independent contractors nor other agents shall (a) reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise disassemble the Supplier Products from the products themselves or from any other information made available to them, or (b) otherwise use any of the Confidential Information or Supplier provided training to support, maintain or otherwise service a third party’s products or services. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, payment shall be made by Distributor by wire transfer in advance of shipment from the Supplier facilities. The Distributor shall re-sell Products in its own name and for its own account and risk in the Territory. All you need to do is update contact info, length of contract and pay. Customize this free consignment agreement template as a sample how to formalize the agreement between an owner and the storer, signer, or consignor. Distributor, for itself and on behalf of its customers, hereby waives a prior hearing and demand for Supplier’s exercise of such rights. DISTRIBUTOR SHALL INDEMNIFY SUPPLIER AND HOLD IT HARMLESS FROM ANY CLAIMS, DEMANDS, LIABILITIES, SUIT OR EXPENSES OF ANY KIND ARISING OUT OF THE SALE, SUBLICENSE OR USE OF SUPPLIER PRODUCTS IN THE TERRITORY OR BY DISTRIBUTOR’S CUSTOMERS.
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