As we noted earlier, in our tests the Debut 2.0 speakers had a big, full sound that blended easily with a subwoofer and allowed (and perhaps even encouraged) listening to action movies at loud levels. While few AV receivers are rated for 4-ohm speakers, most receivers priced over $1,000 or so should have no problem driving these speakers, and any THX-certified receiver should also work fine. The results are not quite as robust as what you can get from the larger ELAC Debut 2.0 or Monoprice THX speakers, so this system may not be the best fit for an especially large room or for someone who likes to crank up the volume. This speaker is 27% smaller than the B6.2 and usually a little less costly, so it’s an appropriate choice for surround channels. The S35 center speaker sounded clear with voices, so movie and TV dialogue was easy to understand. The Q Acoustics 3020i is the best bookshelf speaker because it sounds better and offers better build quality than anything else in its price range. Just download the Enclave Audio app onto your phone and stream music from any of your favorite services. It also has two keyhole mounts, which makes the speaker easy to attach to the wall under a wall-mounted TV, although its 13.1-pound weight demands the use of sturdy drywall anchors or toggle bolts. The design catches your eye right off the bat, even if at first glance it appears to be just another speaker set available in black. However, unlike the Polk and ELAC systems, the Monoprice THX system has a rated average impedance of 4 ohms; our measurements confirm this, showing a minimum impedance of 3.2 ohms and 3.3 ohms for the THX-265B and THX-365C, respectively. If you are appearing for some of the best encompass sound audio speakers … Greatest Wireless Surround Stereo – Best Speakers Surround Sound. However, for the sake of practicality, we’re focusing on “splurge” options for the everyman. I also served as marketing director for Dolby Laboratories, the company most responsible for developing surround-sound technologies and standards. Whether you simply want to expand your room to a 5.1 system or you want to move to 7 channels (or even more), Klipsch surround sound speakers are designed to match your existing Klipsch speakers … The difficulty in putting together a test of this sort is that many companies offer several different sizes of bookshelf and center speakers at varying prices. Best Wireless Rear Surround Speakers - Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Home … In a couple of cases, the companies sent me an extra model to check out. Their response also stayed relatively smooth off-axis. For powerful, precise bass in stereo and home theater systems, we think the best subwoofer is the affordable and compact Rogersound Labs Speedwoofer 10S. Still, it’s one of the better choices in the compact 5.1 speaker system category. The ELAC Debut 2.0 speakers are larger and have a more robust sound than the Polk Signature Series speakers, which might make this system a better choice for someone who has a large room or likes to listen at higher volume levels. The best part is that it’s wireless, giving you the flexibility to place it wherever it fits and sounds best in your room. Within the speakers’ operating range, the THX-265B’s frequency response measured within ±2.0 dB, and the THX-365C’s measured within ±2.3 dB. The answer largely depends on the size of your room. "Luxuriate in gorgeous, room-filling sound. *At the time of publishing, the price was $300. *At the time of publishing, the price was $230. Then I showed them the speakers and asked them what they thought of the size and design. My technical tests revealed the Signature Series models to be exceptionally well engineered for their price. SVS Prime Bookshelf, Prime Center, and Prime Satellite: This slick-looking system impressed our panelists with its clarity and power. You can find more details in our Measurements section; to sum it up, the Signature Series speakers had no significant performance quirks that I could find, and they can reach very loud levels in an average room when paired with practically any AV receiver. I designed the room’s acoustic treatments with the help of Floyd Toole, the scientist whose research at the Canadian National Research Council and Harman International has practically defined the generally accepted rules of good speaker design. We tested the following systems for previous versions of this guide (we have removed systems that are no longer available): Aperion Audio Intimus Speaker System 5.1 Bundle: This previous Wirecutter pick is still worthy of recommendation, but the company has struggled to maintain stock, and the price has risen substantially since we initially tested it. Really a good mono pole speaker is best for surround. Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 800 at Amazon, Klipsch Reference Theater Pack at Walmart, Best Overall: With the Vizio Smartcast app, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control for the speakers and stream your favorite songs, shows, and movie audio to different rooms when used with compatible Vizio components.Â. Also, the Debut 2.0 line includes an optional up-firing Atmos module that can sit atop the main speakers and bounce sound off the ceiling if you want to add a sense of overhead effects. The Google Home wireless speaker (powered by Google Assistant, a cousin to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa) offers decent sound and promising smart-home control for Google users. What are the best surround sound speakers for your home? Definitive Technology SR-9040 10” Bipolar Surround Speaker, High Performance, Premium Sound … Think in thirds. Sensitivity was 85.2 dB for the THX-265B and 88.4 dB for the THX-365C, so on average, you’d get roughly as much volume from this system as you would with the Polk system, given the same amount of power; the difference is within the range of accuracy of the measurement. (The Denon AVR-X3600H from our best AV receiver guide is a good option.) While this system is small, it delivers big sound. With both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to your favorite songs from your phone or tablet without interruptions from calls or app notifications. ", "Delivers a pre-matched 5.1 surround sound experience that’s truly stunning, both visually and acoustically.". The THX-365C center speaker has a three-way design, meaning that it features both a midrange driver and a tweeter mounted vertically, flanked by two woofers. Paradigm Monitor SE Atom and SE 2000C: This system sounded somewhat pumped up in the bass and treble, which made voices sound less natural than on our top picks. The Polk Signature Series is the best deal we’ve found in a surround-sound speaker system. He regularly gigs on double bass (and occasionally ukulele) with Los Angeles–area jazz groups. But it’s bulky and not very attractive. (581) Tower speakers can be used with a modern surround sound system—in fact, they should be. If money is no object, there’s no shortage of options that can range into the thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Each satellite speaker stands just 7.5-inches tall and weighs less than three pounds. After testing seven higher-end speaker systems, we’ve added the Monolith by Monoprice THX-265B and THX-365C speakers as an upgrade pick. The small S10 is easy to fit or install just about anywhere, so it’s ideal as a surround speaker. In my latest round of tests, with similarly priced competitors, it emerged as my clear favorite. This guide focuses on the “5” part of 5.1: front left/right and surround speakers matched with a center speaker. For the panelists, I played the movies at a volume 6 decibels down from Dolby reference level, which means each channel could hit a maximum of 99 decibels. It includes a keyhole screw mount plus a socket for a ¼″-20 speaker mounting bracket, so you can easily hang it on a side or rear wall or suspend it from the ceiling. For the best sense of spaciousness, the tweeter height should be about 2 feet above ear level. They're unobtrusive enough to not interfere with your room's aesthetic and the master-crafted angled drivers deliver some of the most immersive audio of any home system ever manufactured. GoldenEar Technology SuperCinema 3: This compact 5.1 system, which can easily mount directly to walls, sounded very good in our tests but uses small satellites that don’t blend easily with the included subwoofer.
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