While bamboo stays straight and true, plastic cutting boards tend to warp when exposed to moderate heat. Growing bamboo can also be beneficial as the plants prevent soil erosion and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Cure late delivery in pregnancy Think about it: while your cutting board was growing in Central America, it was also scrubbing the air we breathe! In the not-too-distant past, the mention of bamboo may have conjured images of panda bears shredding through a stand of green stalks in their daily quest for food. Bamboo extract is everywhere. The primary benefit of bamboo flooring is of course it’s environmentally friendly nature. Eco-Friendly. Nearly two-thirds (63%) make single bed while more than half (53%) generate double deck. 466 Foothill Blvd. Bamboo does not require pesticides or artificial fertilizers. High in Dietary Fiber. Erosion can devastate and ultimately destroy soil and render it dead. You just may love it. Thus, some of the many advantages of choosing bamboo utensils for your household include: Bamboo Products Are Eco-Friendly: Bamboo products are 100% naturally driven, non-toxic, and highly eco-friendly, in addition to being very little polluting. However, just as hardwood has its vulnerabilities and drawbacks, so does bamboo. Some of the industrial products from bamboo are chopsticks, handicrafts, musical instruments, pulp and paper, toys, food containers, skewers, Although bamboo is sometimes mistaken for a tree, it’s actually a grass. Bamboo has been used for everything from food to bridge building for millennia but consumers and manufacturers are taking a fresh look at all that this amazing plant has to offer. As the world’s fastest growing plant, this exotic growth is both earth-friendly and extremely useful for making the quality products that we need. Health benefits of bamboo shoots. Here are the top ten ways that bamboo will save the planet. Your email address will not be published. 28 Incredible Benefits of the Bamboo Plant. Bamboo products have a lot to offer than many people might think. With bamboo products you will rest assured your children are not endangered by electromagnetic radiation when playing. Benefits of Using Bamboo Products. Treated bamboo flooring or furniture will last as long as wood, storing its carbon the whole time. Bamboo has an incredible number of uses – just take a look at our product pages where you will find bamboo clothing, bamboo sheets and doona covers, bamboo towels and much, much more.Here are some of the benefits of bamboo throughout your home: 1. It has a great cost-benefit: As they are made of sustainable material, bamboo products have a very competitive price in the market. Any kind of farming equipment can be made using Bamboo. Bamboo is the latest in K-beauty skin care ingredients that not only locks in moisture but also keeps those pesky acne spots away. But not only can bamboo help to curtail global warming by slowing the destruction of forests, which are so important for sequestration of excess carbon from the atmosphere, bamboo … According to Business Insider, the tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 pounds per square inch. Valued for its strength, it is now popular as a sustainable wood in home products all across the U.S. You may not know that extracts from bamboo, as well as the plant itself, may have health benefits. Bamboo products can be an important part of more circular economic growth, provide a low-carbon, biodegradable and/or renewable alternative to traditional materials. It would be right to say that bamboo is now conquering the world market with its several advantages in the manufacturing of kitchen utensils, decorative objects, floors, furniture, construction, instruments, and even aromatherapy diffusers. This may sound like a primitive material for use in making things like bamboo baseball bats and bamboo … The use of Bamboo has been in increase recently for being a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to other types of materials. Once you cut down a hardwood, that tree is dead. Whether you choose to buy bamboo mattress or bamboo toilet paper, The main benefits of bamboo products are the fact that they are strong, reusable and biodegradable. Bamboo is more resistant to rot and warping due to moisture as compared to most other woods. It will take a large scale effort from all nations to reduce the output of pollution and to begin respecting the earth and its renewable resources. The appearance of textiles made of bamboo is shiny like silk, very soft to the touch and light. With all best health benefits that have described above, it concludes that bamboo tea is … Both bamboo and charcoal have their own unique benefits. Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on March 19, 2015: Wow. But bamboo isn’t just food for pandas. Plastic bowls can leach … How to Choose the Best Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser? Pros of Planting Bamboo Mary’s viewpoint : There are countless good reasons to grow bamboo , a fast-growing plant that provides many benefits in the home garden and beyond. In addition to being an eco-friendly material capable of creating beautiful and resistant items, bamboo is very flexible, light, abundant, and sustainable. Unlike the majority of wood suited to flooring, it’s available in vast supply. Bamboo Fabric. The root system remains in the ground and quickly sprouts more bamboo shoots. Bamboo water has pretty much replaced boring old water in Korea. So bamboo products will soothe the skin and improve the skin’s radiance. Bamboo is naturally designed for strength. Doing this might end up costing you big time especially when you choose the wrong store. A few species of bamboo have same strength ratio of steel and almost twice the compression ratio of concrete. I’m not going to claim that bamboo grows as fast as a vicious rumor in church, but it does grow at a record setting pace. It can be used to create beautiful and resistant items; bamboo products are very flexible, light, durable, and robust, yet non-toxic or chemically produced and can be found in different quality levels. Bamboo can be used in so many ways, for construction, as a raw material for production, and even as food. Bamboo equals boutique products. Bamboo extract is everywhere. If shedding of hair is something you experience more often, then this is a nice option to keep in mind. I have bamboo growing in my garden,I will look at it with new appreciation! People who have tried linens made from bamboo have shortly refused to use anything but bamboo bed dressings at home. Structural engineering tests have shown that, bamboo has high tensile and is stronger than most hardwoods. The technique has been known for several thousand years. Some species of bamboo can grow as much as three feet per day. Bamboo Charcoal. This shift comes as consumers don't just seek products that are friendly to the environment, but products that benefit them directly because of their natural qualities. Bamboo is softer than cotton with a texture more like silk or cashmere and it naturally draws moisture away from the skin. They are ant-allergic, more absorbent than cotton, with the ability to block ultra-violet rays, protecting from cold and heat. Virgin Fibers – Bamboo and sugarcane are virgin fibers so they don’t require heavy bleaching of inks and dyes as in recycled paper products. Many people are replacing their normal plastic made items with bamboo, and are not turning back. Renewable resource. If you’re into Korean skincare, you’ve probably noticed bamboo has found its way into your skincare stash, too. This ensures that chemicals will not find their way into the soil and groundwater as a result of bamboo farming. The environmental benefits of manufacturing bamboo products is just one step in the right direction of reversing the effects of global warming. 1. You can place bamboo charcoal stalks in your refrigerator, closets, basement, laundry room, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage – any room in your house where there are foul odors. Once bamboo is cut, the stem is left and the bamboo can grow back in 3-4 months! A wider acceptance of bamboo can help to preserve trees without demanding much sacrifice from consumers with respect to construction and landscaping. How to Organize an Office Desk for Maximum Efficiency? Bamboo is helping us take a huge step in the right direction. This does not mean you should buy bamboo paper towels from any online or brick and mortar store you come across. But we get it now. All entrepreneurs create sala sets in their production. Hope this helps you understand the importance of Bamboo and it’s products. Benefits of Bamboo Fabric. Some of which include:. Bamboo does not require much water to grow. There are nearly 20 categories of woven EverythingBamboo on January 26, 2016: Bamboo is pretty amazing, a fine plant for the 21st century. In this section, we will look into the validities of that claim. Bamboo fabric is similar to the softness of silk. Agartala, Sep 30 (IANS) Bamboo growing northeastern region would be hugely benefited after the imposition of restrictions by the Indian government on the import of some bamboo products including incense sticks, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb said on Monday. Bamboo Product Benefits. Benefits of Using Laptop Desk When Working. Promotes Overall Body Health. As it provides more security than steel or iron, it insulates and not sensitive to moisture. Bamboo products are quickly replacing many plastic items for a number of reasons: Continuing with the cutting board comparison mentioned above, let’s take a look at how bamboo compares to wood products. Bamboo weaving products and crafts Bamboo crafts and woven mats are traditional products in China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Multifunctional Laptop Desk - Ergonomic Adjustable Portable perfect for Bed Sofa Couch + BONUS, Canvas Print Art Wall Clock, Unique Design Heavenly Tulips, 16 x 16 IN - 1 Panel, Aromatherapy Necklace Locket with 6 Reusable Cotton Diffuser Pads, Health and Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Products, Symbolic Meaning of Numbers of the Rose Flower, Scientific Benefits of Listening To Music. Since our demand for quality products does not seem to be slowing down, why not meet that demand with a resource that can keep up? 3. Ideal for environment as well as for agricultural purposes, the bamboo delivers a wealth of benefit for farmers and investors alike. As mentioned above, bamboo is 100% biodegradable. In areas where bamboo has been introduced to blighted soil, it can help to regenerate once fruitless soil. This makes it great for products all the way from flooring to clothing. They are low in sugar and hold 2 grams of protein per serving 2,3. It can … Fresh water is a valuable resource on our planet, and bamboo is not a needy plant when it comes to water consumption. Required fields are marked *. Today, there are thousands of items made of bamboo, ranging from household items like essential oil diffusers, bamboo Bluetooth speakers, jewelry, clothing, and even building materials – the possibilities are endless. Forever Bamboo offers the largest selection of bamboo products in the natural materials business. A hardwood forest isn’t replaced for many decades, but bamboo, among the world’s fastest-growing plants, can be harvested in one to five years, depending on the species. Bamboo dinnerware will not only add an elegant, earthy look to your table, it’s also a giant leap away from ingesting latent chemicals from the plastic manufacturing process. A stand of bamboo does not require pesticides to keep destructive bugs away. There's a lot of healing benefits from just a bamboo plant. Therefore, it is best to consult the advantages and disadvantages first when deciding to purchase or perform maintenance. Bamboo products and bamboo construction are regarded for their environmentally conscious nature. We carry bamboo poles, fencing, paneling, slats, borders, rugs and reed/willow products. While bamboo is overall quite good for the environment, there are definitely some valid considerations to ensure that you are using it in a sustainable manner. The beauty of bamboo, is that it isn't made to break. Corrects Irregular Menstrual Cycles In Asian medicine, the juice of bamboo leaves, when take regularly, can correct menstrual irregularities. I discovered this after putting a plastic cutting board in the dishwasher. Bamboo can grow and prosper in many different climates all over the world and it also needs less water than other plants. Bamboo is native to Asia, where you may picture it being munched on by the black and white panda. While most bamboo plants reach maturity in three or four years, a hardwood tree can take 30 to 50 years to reach a harvestable age. Regular diapers take 500 YEARS to decompose! Actually a “grass” not a wood. Advantages of Bamboo as a Building Material. While bamboo stays straight and true, plastic cutting boards tend to warp when exposed to moderate heat. Bamboo is thus a highly renewable alternative to timber, and one that offers comparable quality despite the dominance of timber in most markets. Every part of the plant is used (the Korean don’t waste anything). Implications - The eco-friendly qualities of bamboo are being incorporated in not just the packaging of cosmetic products, but in the formulation of cosmetic products themselves. Bamboo tableware does not acquire the rough texture that wood utensils seem to exhibit within a few months of use. Your email address will not be published. It does not need fertilizers, pesticides, or irrigation for its cultivation and normally produces 30% more oxygen than other plants, making it a perfect alternative to plastic and other chemically produced materials in many uses. Although many are yet to discover the benefits of these products, some users are already enjoying the following perks: However, a number of challenges – from a lack of standards, to gaps in product development – need to […] Bamboo Can Absorb Electromagnetic Radiation: One way to minimize the exposure of our household to electromagnetic radiation is to fill our homes with bamboo products, which can absorb or eliminate these waves. Because of its extensive root system, prevention of soil erosion is a valuable bamboo benefit in … aids in weight loss, strengthens immune system, useful in curing snake and scorpion bites, reduces risk of cancer, Helps improve heart health, Effective against respiratory diseases As the world’s fastest growing plant, the use of bamboo in making products continues to gain immense popularity. Free Shipping Orders $35+ in the USA | 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Dismiss. For each product sold, a part of the sales are given to Compensation CO2 to plant trees in Canada. 13. While bamboo is overall a very eco-friendly, its products are highly beneficial for the environment and most importantly, to our households. Hello! This speedy grass has even garnered a place in theGuinness Book of World Records as the fastest growing plant on earth. Natural bamboo products I love and why! Bamboo which grows in a box gets a square shape and can be used for connecting items. The root system that remains in the ground between harvestings helps the soil to resist erosion. Bamboo handmade soap is perfect for all skins; Perfect as a face wash, makeup remover, body skin treatment; All natural, made from bamboo charcoal powder, glycerin, olive oil, sweet almond oil, palm oil, crude vegetable oils, a variety of herbal medicine plant extract It is a renewable material that grows much faster than conventional wood and offers technical advantages such as its resistance to mechanical forces. Compared to plastic products that deform easily, bamboo products have a longer lifespan. All of our bamboo comes straight from China’s renowned Anji district. Deb, while addressing a day-long “Bamboo Artisans’ Conclave” here said that northeast India comprising eight […] These combined characteristics make bamboo products a hygienic option for our households. Bamboos are treated in such a way that they assume desired shapes and structures while they grow: 1- Squared cross-section can be obtained by compressing the growing stalk of bamboo within a square section.. 2- Arch shapes of bamboo can also be created by compressing the bamboo’s growth into the desired shape. The first is that bamboo cutting boards are more resistant to bacteria growth and are easier on a chef’s knife. All the while, this wonder plant produces more oxygen for the atmosphere. Bamboo fiber is an amazing sustainable material with a wide range of applications. With bamboo products [...] A bamboo cutting board generally requires much less maintenance than its wood counterpart. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the best characteristics of bamboo is that it’s extremely renewable and sustainable compared to cotton, wood, and similar plants.However, depending on what types of products you buy that are made of bamboo, you could be helping or hurting the environment. The vitamin and mineral of bamboo shoot also promote the new skin cell regeneration and clear the wound. #136, La Canada, California 91011. Bamboo captures more carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere when compared to a similarly sized stand of hardwood trees. Bamboo is stronger than oak. Bamboo flooring disadvantages: You are probably comparing bamboo flooring vs hardwood for your home renovation project. Bamboo plants also produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees! Bamboo products have a lot to offer than you might probably be thinking. Bamboo Is Used To Make Different Items: This is where we can see the greatest advantages of bamboo over plastic, in the manufacturing of everyday utensils such as essential oil diffusers, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, etc., and a host of objects that will be much more durable and less polluting. The breathable, thermo-regulating properties of sheets made from bamboo fibers will provide a comfortable night’s rest to those who tend to sleep hot or cold. and hypoallergenic product grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It is also important to note that bamboo has a very special natural antibiotic agent capable of eliminating body odor caused by sweating. According to Bamboo Village, towels, sheets and clothing made from bamboo are more absorbent than cotton products. Read article about Read Article on Benefits of Bamboo Fabric, Maintenance of Bamboo Clothing and Comparison between Bamboo and Cotton. They can be found both in the simplest lines of household items and in the most sophisticated brands. 2, health vision. Bamboo products are quickly replacing many plastic items for a number of reasons. This means when you are using a bamboo wood, you are conserving the world’s forests. 28 Incredible Benefits of the Bamboo Plant. Feel free to check out our store for many Bamboo Products and Services. Bamboo is rich in essential nutrients that help keep the skin and hair healthy. Depending on the species, bamboo can be harvested in one to five years.
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