Once one village has been ‘walked’ walked round the walkers get on buses and wa... Read More, Among the practitioners in this field are The Meadows Mummers. Highland Games, Isle of Skye, 1934. The links above will take you to video tutorials for these dances! It is an ancient Druidic symbol consisting of three curved branches, bent legs or arms radiating from the center of the symbol. The Selkirk Grace is said when everyone is seated, then the haggis is brought to the table accompanied by bagpipes (either an actual piper or music being played). Stag nights can now stretch to entire weekends away or short trips abroad.... Read More, 'The Walk' - 3 days of temperance walks - is held every year at the Buchan Rathen coastal villages of St Combs, Inverallochy and Cairnbulg in the North East of Scotland. Each clan was ruled by a chief, and the members of a clan claimed descent from a common ancestor. Traditionally used for brides, it is still applied for weddings and also for other special occasions (mainly on the palms of the hands but also to the feet). Print. If a player takes too long they may find their own head being dooked into the bucket by those waiting for their own turn and ... Read More, Method: using boiled eggs, wait until these have cooled down, and then paint. Hugh Cheape descri... Read More, Normally served between 3-7pm, which is available in some hotels in Scotland. Although it's in Lowland Scots dialect I don't really think any translation is needed as it's pretty clear what he is saying: Haggies with Tatties 'n Neeps is the traditional Burns Supper meal. Confederate general and former Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike was the author of an 1871 book called Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, a book that describes in detail the 33 degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the stories and teachings associated with each rank, the rituals connected to each rank, and other lodge proceedings. According to the BBC website, there are a few contenders for the meaning of Hogmanay, including it being from the French word 'hoginane' which means gala day, from the Anglo Saxon 'haleg monath' meaning Holy month, from the Scandinavian 'hoggo-nott' meaning Yule , or from the Swedish words 'hg' and 'mne' meaning high/full and moon respectively. A time for celebration and the harvest. Scottish traditions have their roots deep-set in history, and the Highland Games have been around for over a thousand years, perhaps even longer. The manifold uses of the rowan tree included it being grown for suitable timber for tool handles. Within these traditions there are many symbols. Money used to be saved towards buying fireworks for another celebration on 5th November, Guy Fawkes Night. The traditional garment of the Highland clansmen is the kilt (belted plaid), which is suitable for climbing the rough hills. In 1897 Provost George Stewart decided that the event should be c... Read More, A bonspiel is a curling tournament (curling: two teams of four players compete by ‘throwing’ two granite curling stones each). FTC Disclosure: If you make a purchase via a link on this site, I may receive a small commission. to the baby and perhaps to the giver.... Read More, The Heart of Midlothian is a stone mosaic built into the cobbled street outside of St Giles near George IV Bridge marks the spot where the old Tolbooth, or town prison used to stand. It ends with a toast to the Bard of Ayr (whisky traditionally of course). ... Read More, The Scottish Wedding Reception Village Halls are a popular venue. The meaning and origins of this ceremony are now unclear. You might want to check out this complete list of the works of Robert Burns for inspiration or just to marvel at how prolific he was for someone who lived only thirty-seven short years. Variations occur according to the builder but there are two main categories - the North Isles Yole and the South Isles Yole. Children go around peoples' houses (traditionally in costumes or fancy dress), asking for sweets or money although some still (voluntarily or otherwise) perform a song, dance or tell a joke in order to deserve the householder's contribution. Tea is served throughout the meal. Each clan had its own colourful pattern for weaving cloth and these patterns are called a tartan. The purpose of these societies was to protect their trade and exclude strangers from carrying on the trade within the town’s boundaries. Immortal Memory Address' which is basically a speech about Burns and his work, given by a designated speaker, and is open to interpretation in terms of exact content, length etc. The club’s membership, traditionally all male, following Burns’ Bachelor Club format, has included many influential and notable local men as members and honorary m... Read More, In 1658, Paisley Town Council first granted a charter making it possible for the trades people of Paisley to form societies. To feel one’s feet directly on the soil is a way of connecting to Mother Earth. A pipe band leads marchers carrying flaming torches (made of long thick birch poles with tarred rags tied to the top) who are followed by the fancy dress parade.
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